October 27, 2015

Virtual Reality Pioneers Speak in Sense of Presence Video Series

By Dana Cowley

Over the past few weeks, we’ve rolled out a new documentary series, Sense of Presence, which wraps with today’s release of The Future of Virtual Reality. Keep scrolling to watch all four episodes!

Our filming began at GDC 2015 and culminated shortly after SIGGRAPH, and it's been a fantastic learning experience for all involved. There are many brilliant minds scratching the surface of VR right now; I only wish we could have interviewed more folks for this.

Sense of Presence features commentary from the leadership of Oculus, NVIDIA, Weta Digital, Oculus Story Studio, Three One Zero, Magnopus and MatterVR, to name a few. 

Watch for insight into the challenges of and opportunities for creating immersive content, storytelling in VR, the state of the new medium right now and where we’re headed. 

For more information on virtual reality and Unreal Engine, check out our VR playlist on the Unreal Engine YouTube channel.