Unreal Summit 2015: Seoul

By Sunhee Yu

The fifth annual Unreal Summit was held in Seoul this past June, and this year's conference was the best one yet. More than 1,300 were in attendance with only a single digit no-show rate, making a new record for the highest turnout we've had. 


The 17 speaker lineup consisted of a mix of Epic Games Korea staff, our partners, and members of Epic HQ, including Tim Sweeney.



This year, Epic Games Korea made a sample Hack-n-Slash game, the most popular genre of mobile games in Korea, called ‘Soul Dungeon’. Its primary focus is to demonstrate how to better optimize mobile games, use UMG for UI, make art content, AI, and more. Before the event, we shared the development notes with the local community, and interest was very high, as it closely fit the needs of many Korean developers. The session on 'Soul Dungeon' had both great turnout and reception.



Unreal Summit 2015 was full of valuable presentations and entertainment at the same time. Attendees enjoyed experiencing Oculus VR, browsing new UE4 books, and learning from the theater sessions. Everyone had a great time finding deer while exploring the open-world demo and trying for a high score in Soul Dungeon.



The Unreal Summit events in different cities and audiences will continue on as usual! We look forward to seeing you next time!

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