Unreal Summit Korea 2015

By Sunhee Yu

Hi everyone! Epic's fifth annual Unreal Summit will take place in Seoul next month. 

Unreal Summit Korea is a Korean game developers conference organized by Epic Games Korea. 

We've enjoyed hosting this event for developers since 2010, and we expect this year's conference to be the best one yet.

When: Saturday May 9, 10:00 until 19:00

Where: Convention Hall, Sejong University, Seoul, Korea
For more info, visit unrealsummit.co.kr to register!

Attendees can expect a number of valuable sessions on a variety topics. Learn how to better optimize your mobile games, use the awesome new UMG UI designer, harness the full power of Blueprints, implement amazing visual effects, explore the ins and outs of the Unreal Editor, be more successful building gameplay, get the latest on AI techniques, and more. 

As you can see from our speaker lineup there will be a mix of Epic Games Korea staff, leading developers from the community and our partners, as well as folks from Epic headquarters, including founder and CEO Tim Sweeney and senior graphics engineer Niklas Smedberg. 

We'll offer plenty of Q&A with Unreal Engine experts throughout the event, of course. Thanks for checking us out, and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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