December 21, 2015

Epic Games Releases Unreal Match 3 for Android and iOS

By Dana Cowley

Epic Games has released Unreal Match 3, the latest mobile app built with Unreal Engine 4.

Unreal Match 3 showcases UE4's versatility and flexibility by illustrating how to create games targeting range of mobile devices, as well as how to implement features such as leaderboards, achievements, analytics and in-app purchases.

While Unreal Match 3 is a fully-featured match three-style game, it has been built with an even broader purpose in mind: to be a training reference to help people learn how to make great games and apps.

Developed by Epic’s learning resources team in just a few months, the full Unreal Match 3 game project - including the art assets, Blueprint scripts and source code - is freely available for download via the Unreal Engine Learn tab of the Epic Games launcher.

The game is also available for free on Google Play, and soon will be available for free on the App Store.

Dive into the Unreal Match 3 docs portal! Below are more details on what you can expect to  take away from this project.

The Unreal Match 3 project utilizes many different tools within the UE4 toolset, and major topics it covers includes:

  • Platform services
    • Using in-game advertisements for monetization
    • Using in-app purchases to offer additional paid content in-game
    • Using leaderboards in-game
    • Using mobile achievements to increase player engagement
    • Using analytics, e.g., Flurry is just one of many UE4-compatible packages that is fully supported here
  • Gameplay, including force feedback
    • Using the vibration functionality of mobile devices and controllers to convey a force occurring in the game to the player
  • User interface
    • Creating the UI for Unreal Match 3
    • Using the process taken to construct game UI
    • UMG best practices
      • Working with Unreal Motion Graphics, UE4’s UI editor
      • Driving UI updates with events
      • Optimizing UI elements by driving updates through the use of events
      • Scaling UI for different devices Setting up UI to scale automatically using the DPI Scale Rule for different devices
  • 2D features
    • Paper 2D best practices
    • Working in Paper 2D, UE4’s 2D editing toolset
  • Performance and optimization
    • Mobile performance tips and tricks
    • Using optimizations and techniques to ensure optimal performance on supported mobile devices
    • Reducing packaged game size


There are many videos and tutorials about Unreal Match 3 on Check out the latest stream on the project:

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