Unreal Fest Osaka

By Taka Kawasaki

Osaka is the third largest city in Japan with a population of approximately three million and is sometimes considered the "capital city of western Japan". In addition to being the home of many publishers and developers including Capcom, Platinum Games, Dimps, it's very accessible to many other parties located in the region.

Receiving a bunch of requests for setting up learning events in local cities after our Unreal Fest in Yokohama last year, we decided to have two events of this kind in 2015; one in Osaka in April, the other in Yokohama in October. For April, more than 300 people were in attendance, which was great considering the nice weekend weather. 

The show started with Jun Shimoda's introduction of the new features used in "A Boy and His Kite" followed by a short, live C++ coding session.


Then, SCE and historia talked about their experiences making VR content for Morpheus in one month for TGS 2014. They also showed off the new Morpheus device (EVT 1.1) and ran the project at 120Hz; a first for Japanese developers.


After the lunch break, Quadra Software gave a talk entitled, "What is it Like to Make a 2D Game Using UE4?" based upon their experience creating a 2D robot shooter for Marketplace.  


Next, Masahiko Nakamura, a freelance programmer supporting us from the community, provided useful tips for using Blueprints.


Later, advertising application developer One to Ten Design talked about the beauty and strength of UE4 from the perspective of the advertising industry.


The honor of being the final speaker went to our very own Rob Gray this time. He explained what Blueprint Components are and did some "live noding", making a 2D shooter game in 20 minutes using the new feature.


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