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Unreal Fellowship: World Building applications open now

Applications are no longer open for this event.
When we started the Unreal Fellowship, our goal was fairly broad. Real-time technology presented a massive opportunity for the creative industries (virtual production, anyone?), yet still needed skilled artists to send it soaring. That’s where the Fellowship came in. In a few weeks, we’d reskill VFX/CG artists, producers, directors, and more, enabling them to go out and get creative in a more immediate way. And it worked!

Cut to a few years later, and the program continues to evolve/target even more nuanced skill sets within this ever-changing, real-time world. Today, we are pleased to announce its latest evolution: Unreal Fellowship: World Building.

What is Unreal Fellowship: World Building?

Unreal Fellowship: World Building is a new three-week, virtual course that centers on the core principles of real-time production design, with a special eye on the environments needed to tell a compelling story. By the end, participants will know how to create/stage elaborate worlds in service of a final short. All the while, they’ll be using Unreal Engine, Datasmith, and Quixel as their core technologies, and learning how game design techniques can be applied to other mediums.

Who is this for?

This Fellowship is open to a wide range of traditional 3D/CG artists, as well as production designers, concept artists, architects, and more. Basically, anyone who would benefit from learning how to integrate real-time world building into their projects.

Please note: This class is for professionals with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of Unreal Engine.

What will I learn?

Glad you asked! How about:
  • Advanced asset integration techniques via Datasmith
  • How to use Nanite and Quixel for model enhancement
  • Landscape, foliage, and water workflows
  • How to use levels, layers, the variant manager, and more for scene management
  • Advanced lighting and rendering techniques

When is this?

Unreal Fellowship: World Building will run twice in the next six months, once in November (North America) and once in February (UK/Europe). Classes will be hosted daily, Monday – Friday, and will likely run from 9 AM – 5 PM.

Applications for both regions/class blocks are open now.

How can I apply?

Follow the link at the bottom of this page! 

In terms of the selection process, potential candidates will possess some or all of the following attributes, and should work in the fields noted above.
  • Five years of production experience
  • Three-to-five film or broadcast credits
  • Three AAA game credits
  • Two or more years of experience with Unreal Engine

In terms of application timing, submissions for the North American classes close October 7, 2022, while submissions for the UK/European classes close December 6, 2022.

So if you want to be considered, act fast! These classes always have a way of filling up. Good luck!