Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - May 2016

By Reuben Anders

Hello, everyone! This past month there were 99 new items made available to content creators within the Unreal Engine Marketplace, including 17 new plug-ins. While that's amazing news, it can also be a lot to keep track of. Since we don’t want you to miss out on all of the useful content that is available via the Unreal Engine Marketplace, this blog is giving you the chance to get all caught up on what's new and what's what! Whether you are searching for new heroes, villains, weapon or the perfect audio track for your project, you will find it in this month’s lineup. Below are links to the releases from all of May 2016, which we’ve sorted by category for easy browsing. Enjoy! 


From peaceful neighborhoods to the wild, wild west, check out the environment packs we have for May!

Japanese School Cafeteria Pack by Flat Hammer

Modular Neighborhood Pack by Dokyo

Forgotten Alley by shouhuzhedelang

HQ Western Saloon by NOTLonely

Red Desert Pack by SilverTm

Architectural Visualization: 

Anything from furniture to glass to generic kitchenware, spice up your next visual project with the items below:

ArchViz Glass by Garret Spenst

ARCHVIZ Kitchenette by DevTon Studio

Furniture Pack Vol 1 by Artur Dark

Interior Toolkit Vol 1 by Artur Dark

Characters & Animations: 

Whether you need animations for Greatsword or Minigun or need even more monsters in your dungeons, this month's releases have you covered:

Animated Medieval First Person Arms Pack by Ironbelly Studios Inc

Minigun Animset Pro by Riko

Skeleton Knight by PROTOFACTOR INC

HeavySword Animation Set by GAMJADORI









Dragonide by by PROTOFACTOR INC

Darkness Spider by PROTOFACTOR INC


Future Soldiers by Assets3D


Weapons & Props: 

This month brought a heavy shipment of weapon and props. We have foliage, swords & shields, signs, and much more down below:

Kitchenware by Mist

Photoscanned Fruit and Vegetables by Krystian Radziszewski

After-Party Props by MrKewer

Fantasy Melee 5 Pack by Elliot Sharp

Stone and Concrete Tile Pack 1 by Immersive Estate

Fireside Prop Pack by Leap Interactive Ltd

Low Poly Trees Pack by Evgeniy Kashirskiy

Plants Low by BlocksMesh

3D Scanned Rockformations by Danny Kauer

RAK #1: Off the Wall by Burnout Game Ventures

Retro Kitchen Accessories Pack by Blueprint Games

Road Objects by LittleChild

Photo Scanned Rock Pack 2 by Dave Riganelli

Fantasy War Shields by Shock Engine

Magazine and Newspaper Pack by Blueprint Games

High Quality Knives by Bergman3d

Luminous Sign Pack 1 by Artur Dark

Greek Statue Pack Vol 1 by Matima studio

Fantasy War Daggers by Shock Engine

Home Appliances Vol 1 by vizuelRT

RTS Fantasy Buildings by Dragan Maric

Money Pack Vol. 1 by Michal Orzelek

Poof Potion Pack by Brain Poof

Cardinal Gems by inedible.red

Materials & FX: 

May’s Materials & FX include a plethora of amazing landscapes for those needing to add some extra boom in their combat system. Check out our list below.

DevTon Archviz Materials Vol 1 by DevTon Studio

25 Assorted Nature Texture Materials Pack 1 by Sageonis 3D Game Assets

Advanced Magic FX 04 by Kakky

Ballistics FX by Cubit Studios

Realistic Fire & Explosion Pack by MASSIVEART MASSIVEART

Outliner by Void Lanern

Ground and Walls Texture Pack by Khaled Krifa

Floor Texture Materials by Ashley Lyon

Animated Materials by tharlevfx

Winter Ground Pack by NatureManufacture

Wooden Floor Pack 1 by Immersive Estate

2D Assets: 

From creating a HUD for your project to creating the next level for your platformer, check out this month’s 2D assets that would be great for any fantasy. 

HUD and GUI Medieval Art Bundle by Evil Mind

Fantasy Forest 2D Art Bundle by Evil Mind

To creating projectile weapon to leaving tracks in the snow, check out these interesting Blueprints for your next project.


From creating crops for your farm scenes to leaving tracks in the sand, check out this month’s Blueprints down below: 

Projectiles Pack by Ruslan Nazirov

Minesweeper Template by Jayden Miller

Physical Water Surface by Theokoles

Multi Lock-on System by NekoNekoFrenzy

Advanced Footprint Blueprint by Kodi Mynatt

Birds by Richard Starke

Basic Stealth System by Damon Swain

Padlock and Locked Door Blueprint by Blueprint Games

Farmer by Dragonsmist Studios

Realistic Projectile Physics by William Forster


Whether you seek the sounds of adventure, mystery or mayhem, find the right mood for your project in this month’s audio.

Enchanted Fantasy by FunFant

Suspicious Notes Dramatic Game Music by Craig Dodge

Dark Worlds Music Loop Pack Vol. 1 by Craig Dodge

Demolition Sound Pack by Kyunguk Kim

Fun Quirky Music Pack Vol 1 by Craig Dodge

Drone Thrasher by Fernando Magallanes

Horror Music Vol. I by T.I.D.N.Music

Music Generations 20’s by Evil Mind

Heavy and Metal Loops by FunFant

Electric Organ Music Loops for Casual Games by Alchemy Studio

Sci-fi Music Pack by Steven Bell

Space Synth Ambience Pack by Evil Mind

Atmospheric Orchestral by Eirik Johansen

Inventory SFX Bundle by Evil Mind

Computer Sound FX 2.0 by Saro Sahihi

Screams & Shouts 2: Monsters by Saro Sahihi

Screams & Shouts 2: Humans by Saro Sahihi

Buttons, Switches & Levers by Saro Sahihi

Piano Styles Volume 1 by YellaUmbrella

The Adventure Begins - Orchestral by W.O.W Sound

Space Bobble Music Pack by W.O.W Sound

Game Jingles and 8-Bit Sound FX by W.O.W Sound

Retro Game SFX by ESM Team

Code Plug-ins:

May delivered a great list of new code plug-ins available to the Marketplace. If you are looking for tools to help out with your next 2D project or an easy way to apply damage to weapons for your game, you will find those (and a whole lot more) right here!

Extend Text [UMG] by Glsseact

Dialogue Plugin by CodeSpartan

LE File Manager by Low Entry

LE Http Request by Low Entry

Savior by Bruno Xavier Leite

PlayUp Tools Plugin by Sushi 8 Studios

Easy Input Remapping by Jayden Miller

LE Compression by Low Entry

LE Json by Low Entry

Skeletronix by Black Fang Technologies

Rama’s Melee Weapon Plugin by Rama

Creature 2D Skeletal and Mesh Animation by Jiayi Chong

LE Extended Standard Library by Low Entry

FixIt by Skunkwerks Kinetic 

Logitech Gaming SDKs by Logitech

VaRest by Vladimir Alyamkin

GameAnalytics by GameAnalytics

That's it for now, but don't forget that if you are one of our sellers and you would like to put an item of yours on sale, you may reach me through the forums as Reubitron or at marketplace-support@unrealengine.com with the title “Sale Request”. Until next time!

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