Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - March 2016

By Reuben Anders

Hello, everyone! As you've probably noticed, March has been extremely busy for the UE team as GDC 2016 brought a bevy of new announcements and the recent release of Unreal Engine 4.11 has offically arrived. 

Of course, those major milestones haven't stopped a plethora of new content from landing inside the Unreal Engine Marketplace! In fact, March 2016 has brought 120 new items to content creators. While that's amazing news, it can also be a lot to keep track of. Since we don’t want you to miss out on all of the useful content that is available to you via the Unreal Engine Marketplace, this blog is giving you the chance to get all caught up on what's new and what's what! Whether you are looking for new creatures to dwell within your dungeons, immersive decals for your urban city, or achievements for the greatest challenges in your game, you will find it in this month’s lineup. Below are links to the releases from all of March 2016, which we’ve sorted by category for easy browsing.

Don’t forget, if you are one of our sellers and you would like to put an item of yours on sale, you may reach me through the forums as Reubitron or at marketplace-support@unrealengine.com. We have included some amazing packs for sale during the month of March and we look forward to more exciting sales and content in April. Also, anyone that hasn’t sent us their compatibility changes or have not tested their content in preview 8, please do so and let us know as soon as possible. Now, on to the update and Happy browsing!


From icy weathers conditions to finding your way in twisty corridors and sewers, check out these awesome environments for your next level project.

Winter Nature by SilverTm

Classic Room Pack by Artur Dark

SciFi Corridor by Sungwoo Lee

Photorealistic Landscapes Pack 3 by Gokhan Karadayi

Low Poly Snow Forest by Dokyo

Sewers & Underground Modular Set by Lost boys Ambassadors

Industrial City by PolyPixel

Modular House Quick Kit by Paul Antonovich

Characters & Animations:

March had an amazing lineup of new and interesting character animations. From humans, wolf and monsters, oh my! Check out the list below:

Monsters Pack Vol 1 by ProtoFactor

Monsters: Hellcreeper by ProtoFactor

Monsters: Cavecrawler by ProtoFactor

Pedestrian Conversations MoCap Pack1 by Motion Capture Online

Phoenyx Anim Pack 2 by Black Phoenyx

Animals: Wolf by GiM

Monsters:Marhomorph by ProtoFactor

Monsters: Gorosaurus by ProtoFactor

Female Movement Animset Pro by Kubold

Heroic Fantasy Bosses Vol1 by ProtoFactor

Heroic Fantasy Bosses: Earth Titan by ProtoFactor

Heroic Fantasy Bosses: Dragon Rex Alpha by ProtoFactor

Monsters: Tyranopode by ProtoFactor

Max by Reallusion Store

Heroic Fantasy Bosses: Reaper by ProtoFactor

Izzy by Reallusion Store

Heroic Fantasy Bosses: Monster Boss by ProtoFactor

Fantasy Werecreatures: Weresnake by ProtoFactor

Hero Fantasy Bosses: Giant Worm by ProtoFactor

Fantasy Werecreatures: Weresquid by ProtoFactor

Fantasy Werecreatures: Weretoad by ProtoFactor

Chibi Hero Male Pack by Nopal3d

Art Activated Sci Fi Power Suit Soldier Pack by ArtActivated

Weapons & Props:

The loot crates are bountiful for March! From guns to tombstones to flowers, there's a high PROPability that you'll find what you're looking for...:

Loot Pack by Dokyo

Grenades and Explosives Pack by Elliot Sharp

RealiScan Photogrammetry Boulders by PanDishPan

Cozy Appliances by Brain Poof

Modern Russian Weapon Pack by Consul Assets Store

Graveyard Pack 01 by Glacier

Loot Crates: Military by CreativeSPARKS

FPS Weapon Pack Vol 3 by Deadghost Interactive

Traffic and Street Lights by Adikosoft

Animated FPS HK416D Rifle Pack by Ironbelly Studios Inc

Fence Chainlink by Specimenart

Medieval Props Pack 2 by SilverTm

Flowers and Plants Package 01 by Haike Ye

Steam Locomotive by Nicolas Hiernaux

Military Props Pack by SilverTm

Yughues Pine Bushes by Yughues

Plants Pack by Erhan Yilmaz

Design Stools Pack Vol 1 by Daylight Studio

Sci Fi Doors by Next Level 3D

Breads Buns and Rolls by Mikolaj Spychal

Animated FPS Benelli SuperNova Shotgun Pack by Ironbelly Studios Inc

Ivy Pack by SilerTm

Classic US Grenades by Alexander Ponomarev

Soviet Kitchen by White Noise Team

Materials & FX:

Ranging from creepy Sci Fi to magical fantasy materials, check out this month’s Materials & FX collection below: 

Stylized Nature Material Pack by Alexandr Krasnokurskiy

Post Process Blendables Volume 1 by Sameek Kundu

C-Media PBR Materials Ed. 2 by C-Media

C-Media POM Decals Ed.1 by C-Media

Creepy Organics by Octopus X

Enchantment Swords VFX by Quantum

Advanced Magic FX 02 by Kakky

Sci-Fi and Glitch Post-Process by Fabrice Piquet

Forest Fire By Alexander Dracott

IES Light Profile Pack by Lee Cobb


We have also brought a truckload of blueprints to the table this month. If you are looking for randomly generated animal sounds, turrets for maximum defense, or something as subtle as picking locks for your next project, we've got you covered right here!

Modular Menu System by Impetus Games

Instant Swimmable Water by Kelint

PRISM Logger by Klaz

Scalability Setting UMG Widget by Ken Komuro

Tower Defense Starter Kit by Rohit Kotiveetil

Cribbage Sample Project by UnrealTarl

Living Audio: Forest Critters by Mitchell Lucas

Convert To Instances by Yaheni Kavaliou

Orbit and Gravity System by David

Laser Turret Blueprint by Lee Cobb

Maze Creator by Jayden Miller

Lockpicking by Kakky

Achievepedia by Panda Studios

The Art of Combat by Ibrahim Akinde

Automatic Asteroids by MaxStudios

Pick Up Physics Objects by HeadsAndBrains

Combo System Actor Component by Materus de Quadros

Blueprint Keybinding System by Ahmet Kutsi

AeroComp by Irakli Gagnidze

HyperTextBlock For UMG by Leo Zhao

Day Cycle by Daniel Stoica

Jetpack Blueprint System by Team Metazord

Configurable Blueprint Building System by Clay Man Studios

Ready, Platform, Go! By Unforgiven

Dynamic Space Debris by Zack Maxwell

Interact by Phillip Moroz

Blueprint Key Remapping System by Flakky

Topdown Local Co-op Tank Shooter by ToonMoo

Change Material by Hichigo

Interactive Industrial Lights and Switches Blueprints by Ermin Ascic

Helicopter UH60M Blackhawk by Shotgun Games

HHAdvancedWeapon Blueprint by HorusHeretic

Player Building Template by Defuse Studios

Customizable Deadly Traps by Unforgiven


Lose yourself within these immersive audio packs. Everything you could possibly need for Sci-Fi to Fantasy. Check out the list below: 

Dark Fantasy Orchestral Music Collection by Taylor Brook Music

Cybernetic Weapons by ESM Team

Aura Atmosphere by Fyodor Korovkin Vladimirovich

Celestial Space by Blood Red Scores

Waterflow by Sound Ex Machina

SciFi Adventure Library by Eirik Johansen

Sentimental Orchestral Collection by Taylor brook Music

Classical Music Collection by Taylor Brook Music

Ambient Rock Collection by Taylor Brook Music

Dungeon Loops by John French

Forgotten Horizons Fantasy Music by Fabian Joosten

Dystopia Vol. 1 by Blood Red Scores

Electronica Collection by Taylor Brook Music

Pro Sound Collection by Gamemaster Audio

Cinematic Trailers Collection by Alchemy Studio

Stasis: Calm Puzzle Music by Gambit Audio

Phantom Magic by ESM Team

Heroic Orchestral Collection by Taylor Brook Music

Adaptive Game Music 1 by Alchemy Studios

Corporate Music Pack 1 by Taylor Brook Music

Corporate Music Pack 2 by Taylor Brook Music


That's all for now, but be sure to follow Unreal Engine on Twitter for all of the latest news and updates! We'll see you back here on UnrealEngine.com next month for a recap of April's offerings!

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