Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - February 2016

By Reuben Anders

Hello, everyone! 2016 is well underway and we hope that you have been enjoying the year's Unreal Engine Marketplace releases thus far. While new items are always exciting, we also know that everyone appreciates a good deal, which is why we're happy to have introduced a constant stream of sales brought to you by our very own sellers. Our sales are typically announced on the Unreal Engine Twitter account, so be sure to follow us there if you aren't already. 

Of course, we're always looking to add to the Unreal Engine Marketplace and in February alone there has been 100 new items made available to content creators. That can be a lot to keep track of and since we don’t want you to miss out on all of the useful content that is available to our community via the Unreal Engine Marketplace, this blog is giving you the chance to get all caught up! Whether you're looking for the right spells for your wizard or need more weapons to stuff in your loot crates, you'll want to browse the latest Marketplace offerings. Below are links to the releases from the last week of January 2016 and all of February 2016, which we’ve sorted by category for easy browsing.

Oh, and by the way, if you are one of our sellers and you would like to put an item of yours on sale, you may reach me through the forums as Reubitron or at marketplace-support@unrealengine.com. Happy browsing!

Environments: Wasteland Rocks Rock by Eudes


From the dark infested ruins of the dead to rich and living towns, we got what you need for your Adventure/RPG project. If you are looking for more of a scifi or realistic background, we also have you covered. Check out the latest additions to Environments below:

Fantasy Environment by BRAiNBOX 

4K Jungle Pack by Dokyo 

Fantasy Dungeon by SilverTm 

Undead Village by Alexander Shitikov 

Subway Environment by An?l??bilir 

Medieval Town by Dokyo 

Wasteland Rocks Rock by Eudes 

Low Poly Foliage Forest Pack by Dokyo 

Characters & Animations: Velociraptor by Dokyo

Characters & Animations:

Characters and animations travel in herds with this month’s releases. Fill your jungles with fierce creatures or the right hands for your VR project with these new additions:

Animated First Person Hands Pack by Ironbelly Studios Inc 

Velociraptor by Dokyo 

Animals: Spider by GiM 

Pedestrian Walks MoCap Pack 1 by Motion Capture Online

Weapons & Props: Medieval Weapons Pack 1 by H

Weapons & Props:

Looking for weapons?  You will definitely find what you are looking for with this month’s releases. From firearms and swords to bows and baked goods, you'll find a fitting weapon for nearly every combat scenario below: 

The Gallery Bundle Vol.1 by Yuri Anufriev

Animated FPS Black Market Guns Pack

Futuristic Sci Fi Props by Ed Burgess

Real Time Clock by Guido Kraaijeveld

Realistic Trees 1 by Defuse Studios

First Aid Kit by Alexander Ponomarev

Animated FPS 5 Pistol Pack by Ironbelly Studios Inc

Go by Gargore

Desert Eagle Pistol Pack by Ironbelly Studios

Animated Assault Rifle Variety Pack by Ironbelly Studios

River Stones by Krystian Radziszewski

Modern Rugs by Adikosoft

Archviz Pack Lamp by Andrii Levitskiyy

PolyCar - Car physics assets by Edwin Kuipers

Animated FPS SKS Rifle Pack by Ironbelly Studios

Mountain Rockslide by Photo Scanned Assets

Medieval Weapons Pack 1 by HB

Medieval Weapons Pack 2 by HB

Medieval Weapons Pack 3 by HB

Fruit and Vegetables Pack by Mikolaj Spychal

Modular SciFi: Props I by Jonathon Frederick

Grenade Pack 01 by morganmcd

Vizelements Vol 1: Bakery by vizelements

Materials & FX: Advanced Magic FX 01 by kakky

Materials & FX:

Magic is in the air (and so is stylized retro color gradings) for February. Find the right materials for your levels and fill in your character's spell slots with these new packs: 

Cinema Color Grading Pack by Shrike

Realistic Concrete Material Library by Daniel Drummond

SciFi Vfx by Quantum

KY Magic FX 05 by Kakky

Stylized Architectural Material Pack by Alexandr Krasnokutskiy

Dashing Dinos FX Pack by ToBias Noller

Casual Game Effect Pack 01 by Rgy0409

Advanced Magic FX 01 by kakky

Amplify LUT Pack by Amplify Creations

Customizable Grid by Pery

Simple Cartoon FX Pack by Hyunki Park

Architectural Visualization: Archinteriors Vol 2 Scene 4 by Evermotion

Architectural Visualization:

Check out these new Architectural scenes that will have you dreaming of owning a house so cool; I know I do...

Archinteriors Vol 2 Scene 1 by Evermotion

Archinteriors Vol 2 Scene 2 by Evermotion

Archinteriors Vol 2 Scene 3 by Evermotion

Archinteriors Vol 2 Scene 4 by Evermotion

Basic Parquet 2K Texture Pack for ArchViz by Denis Klook

Semi Future Duplex by les Lin

Blueprints: Advanced Social System by Vanguard Interactive


We have provided a wide scale of Blueprints for a variety of genres this month. From selling items to a functional Auction House to setting up your project for multiplayer purposes, you will find what you are looking for with the Blueprints below:

Jetpack by Jeremie Gabolde

Economy Suite by Panda Studios

Virtual Joystick Minimalist Pack by TzenkuGames

Radial Main Menu by Burancorp

EZNav Customizable Waypoint System by Austin Snider

Action RPG Inventory System by Vanguard Interactive

Legacy Side Scroller by Undermoose Studios

RPG Inventory System by Thokash

Fog of War by Jan Czarniecki

Survival Game Template by Michael Hutchesson

Horror Game Starter kit by Sore Hatipoqlu

Status Effect and Combat Text by Lone Pioneer Studios

Mount and Taming Blueprint by Robert Smith

Footsteps Sounds with Blueprint Setup by Bartosz Kamol Kaminski

Flat and Change material BP by Myanimrig

Procedural Brick and Concrete Walls by Don Anderson

My Party Quiz by Marko Spasojevic

Multiplayer First Person Shooter Kit by Lukas Rustemeyer

Roguelike MultiPlayer by nullpo

Multiplayer TopDown Kit by Vanguard Interactive

Generic Air Drop by Gamemakin LLC

Bullet Impact VFX with Bullet Hole Decals and Sounds by Levan

Parallax Camera Blueprint System by Taylor Wright 

Truck Trailer Attach & Detach System by Leedo

Anti Gravity Levitation System by James Wirick

Advanced Social System by Vanguard Interactive

JigDaw Puzzle Template by Sameek Kundu

Killstreak System by Cedric Neukirchen

Audio: MX Vintage Comedy by yellaUmbrella Music


Trying to find the right mood for your game is rough, but we are here for you. With our audio releases for February, you can find the whimsical, dark, or calming tone to set your game up just right. Check out our stock below. Sound good?:

Beautiful Piano Music Collection by Taylor Brook Music

MX Vintage Comedy by yellaUmbrella Music

Fantasy Music Vol.1 by T.I.D.N. Music

Post-Apocalyptic Music Pack by Skaia Oy

Sci-fi Music Vol.1 by T.I.D.N. Music 

Symphonic Battle Musics Vol.1 by C.H.E

Seasonal Music Bundle by John French

Positive Victory SFX by ESM Team

Bloodlust by ESM Team

Footsteps SFX by ESM Team

Game Music Mega Pack by Andreas Papoutsas

Space Loops by John French

Symphonic Battle Music Vol 2 by C.H.E

User interface SFX by ESM Team

Mini Game Sounds by ESM Team

Angels and Demons by Marma

Magic Spells SFX Bundle by Evil Mind

Enemy Music by John French

Casual Game Music Bundle by John French

Medieval Fantasy Pack by Taylor Brook Music


While February was packed full with amazing releases, we'll have much more coming to you in March. Leave a comment below on what your favorite pack was this month and what you look forward to seeing in the future. Thanks!

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