May 3, 2016

Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - April 2016

By Reuben Anders

Hello, everyone! This past month there were 102 new items made available to content creators within the Unreal Engine Marketplace, including three arrivals for our new category, Code Plug-ins!  While that's amazing news, it can also be a lot to keep track of. Since we don’t want you to miss out on all of the useful content that is available to you via the Unreal Engine Marketplace, this blog is giving you the chance to get all caught up on what's new and what's what! Whether you are searching for new heroes, villains, weapon of choice, or the best immersive audio track for your project, you will find it in this month’s lineup. Below are links to the releases from all of April 2016, which we’ve sorted by category for easy browsing.

April has featured a variety of great items on sale. Do not forget that if you are one of our sellers and you would like to put an item of yours on sale, you may reach me through the forums as Reubitron or at with the title “Sale Request”. Now, on to the update and happy browsing!


From working on your tech in the dark reaches of space to practicing spells under candle light deep within the forest, check out this month’s environment releases!

Modular Desert Ruins by CGMontreal

Low Poly Rainforest Pack by Dokyo

Stylized Low Poly Environment by Mackenzie Shirk

Modular SciFi: Materials & Decals by Jonathon Frederick

SciFi Chambers Environment Set by Painkiller's Works

Modular Sci-Fi Hospital by Shotgun games

Old Tavern by

Old Village by

Ancient Cistern by C-Media

Alchemist's House by Evgeniya Yaremko

Desert Town by PolyPixel

PhotoReal Background Mountains by Gokhan Karadayi

Tropical Nature 50 Models Pack by Dante Stormdark

Architectural Visualization 

Make sure that your walls are not dull and boring with April’s paintings and canvas.

Framed Art and Canvas Pack by Hector Reyes

Modern Paintings Pack Vol.1 by Matima Studio

Characters & Animations 

There is a plethora of unique creatures and characters showing their faces this April! Check them out below!

Skeleton Character Pack by Mordragos

Enforcer Rig by Adrian Martuneac

TwoSword Animation Set by GAMJADORI

Fantasy Werecreatures: Werehog by ProtoFactor

Fantasy Werecreatures: Werecroc by ProtoFactor

Fantasy Werecreatures: Werecrab by ProtoFactor

Fantasy Werecreatures: Weranglerfish by ProtoFactor

GR Male Hero 01 by Gridev

Realistic Casual Dog by Game3dAssets

Phoenyx Anim Pack 3 by Black Phoenyx

Modern Soldier Camo Pack by Vladimir Andropov

Scary Shark Pack by Kelint

Weapons & Props 

April's updates brough an abundance of unqiue weapons and props to choose from. If you are looking for food, weapon attachments, or even human organs props, this month’s new items are just for you. 

Realistic Flowers 1 by Defuse Studios

Old Streetlights Pack by Sipi1989

Crazy Insane Patio Set by Tiny Little Studios

Human Internal Organs by unlim3d

Fantastic Weapons Pack 1 by Vector Games

Modern Weapon Attachment Pack by Ironbelly Studios Inc

Food Pack 01 by Patchs

Classic Shotgun Pack by James Cooper

Animated FPS SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle Pack by Ironbelly Studios Inc

RTS Buildings: Humans by CreativeSPARKS

AK47 by Alexander Bezdelov

Gold Nuggets by Gargore

Architectural Objects by Rodrigo Banzato

Ultimate Medieval Weapons by Eudes

Kitchen Stuff Volume 1 by  Tijger Games

Materials & FX 

Whether you're casting a giant tornado or needing a loading bar in-between combat, check out the materials April's update has for you below: 

100 Ground Textures and PBR Material by Eduardo R.

Beams and Lasers Pack by Lee Cobb

Casual Magic Aura Effect Pack by rgy0409

Circle Gauge Master Material by Tetsuya Wagatsuma

Advanced Magic FX 03 by Kakky

Masked Blur by Andrey Harchenko

Materialize VFX by W3 Studios

Material FX Pack by  hyunki Park

2D Assets 

120+ Equipment Icon Pack by Forrest Imel


Working on a horror project? Maybe you need an easier way to show damage or status effects? This month’s blueprints will have what you need. 

Floating Tile Generator by Sigma Games

Closing Credits System by Jayden Miller

3D Font Medieval Pack by Anaides

Ultimate Damage System by CI Entertainment

Hands for VR: Basic by Benedikt Engelhard

PhysXPack by ScienceTech

AI Turret by Guido Kraaijeveld

Automatic Coral Generator by Kelint

Cycling by Leedo

Quest Map and Navigation System by Michael Hutchesson

Advanced Wired Spline Mover by Kelint

Classic Survival Horror Camera System by InnerVision Software

Runtime Home Decoration Blueprint by zhihua zhong

Bloodworks by Black Works

Object Array Blueprint by Scott Reid

Reactive Water by Patrick Bendermacher

Interaction Kit by Panda Studios

Custom Touch Controls by Andreas Engebretsen

RTS Building Template by Defuse Studios

Horror Development Kit by Darren Tang 

Modular Characters Blueprint by Regan Ware

Actor Waypoints by Rainfold Inc.


Any character and level is not complete without an infusion of atmosphere. From old-school bit music to voices for your creatures, check out the great selection we have for you below!

Arcadia by Philip Moroz

NPALL Ambience Bundle by NPALL Audio

Modern War Underscore by Blood Red Scores

Adaptive Audio Occlusion by Mitchell Lucas

Orchestral Music Vol 2 by Ciconia Studio

Internal Ocean by Pavel Ksenofontov

Dark Fantasy Rhythmic Ambience Vol. 1 by C.H.E.

Dark Fantasy Rhythmic Ambience Vol. 2 by C.H.E.

Disturbing Horror Music by Taylor Brook Music

Astraeus: Battles in Space by Gambit Audio

Super 16 Bit Volume 1 by Mark Coupe

Fantasy Music Pack 3 by Micahel La Manna

Procedural Gunshot Sounds by Bartosz Kamol Kaminski

Medieval Impacts and Movement by Double Trouble Audio

Kids Music Atmosphere by Fyodor Korovkin Vladimirovich

Dark Science Fiction Music Pack by Same Hardman

Skaia Fantasy Pack by Skaia Oy

Medieval Fantasy Audio Bundle 2 by Evil Mind

Magic Ice Projectile by Double Trouble Audio

Boss Voicovers: Dragon by Muscle Mage Productions

Complete Nature Survival Pack by Andreas Engebretsen

MX Night Terrors by yelllaUmbrella Music

Alarm Sounds (Loops) by SHAPINGWAVES

Infinity Tone Metal Pack by Karol Kosacki

Gun Sound Pack by Gamemaster Audio

Punch Sound Pack by Gamemaster Audio

Code Plug-ins

This month brought with it the beginning of code plug-ins in the UE4 Marketplace! This highly-anticipated aspect of the Marketplace will continue to grow in the coming weeks and months. Here are a few items we have to share!

Modo Material Importer by The Foundry

Loads MODO material .xml files to apply to 3D meshes of a game in UE4. 

Skookum Script by Agog Labs Inc.

A command console that allows for users to query and manipulate any UE4 game while running on any platform without disrupting existing tools. A text compiled language made for games.

GameAnalytics by GameAnalytics&

An analytics program to collect and analyze player data.