October 3, 2016

Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - September 2016

By Adam Davis

September has been an amazing month for new content inside the Unreal Engine Marketplace. With 116 new packs now available, you’ll have plenty to choose from. We have all new assets covering the gamut from Blueprints to Music, 2D to FX, so if you’re game needs a fresh feel, perhaps you'd like to get your project moving in a different direction with a Hover Bike System Blueprint, or you may want to get into the Halloween spirit with a Horror Sound Pack. No matter what your need is, there is something for nearly every game and every genre available. Of course, with the amount of new content, it can be easy to miss something special, so we’ve compiled a list of the latest additions here to make it easier for you to browse. Check out the list of latest content below and be sure to swing on over to the Marketplace to see what we have in store!


Dream Apartments

2D Assets:

Check out the latest in military iconography from Lost Boys Ambassadors.

2D Military Insignia Icons

Architectural Visualization:

This new apartment pack is certainly dreamy.

Dream Apartments


The latest batch of Blueprints covers everything from horses to a space shooter. Need some citizens to perform everyday activities? Yep, we have that, too!

AI Behavior Toolkit

AI Citizens

Broby Car 2

Horse Riding and Taming Kit

Hoverbike System

Interactive Started Pack ISP

Multiplayer Vote System

Side Scrolling Space Shooter


Bones Dragon


Beware the mighty Kraken! Perhaps some soldiers can take them down?

Animals: Salmon

Animals Vol 01 Forest Animals

Animals Vol 01 Forest Animals MOBILE

Bones Dragon

Dragon Beast



Monster Pack

Oak Tree Ent


Code Plugins:

We even picked up a few new plugins to add to the mix!

Dungeon Architect

Google Analytics Plugin

A Bullet Penetration Plugin

TwitchPlay Plugin

Universal Mobile Ads



Brain Computer Interface Plugin

Easy Flight Model

EasyBallistics Plugin

NeoFur 2.0

TCP Blueprint Plugin

Unreal Engine Login Plugin

VICO Dynamics Plugin


Buddhist Monastary Environment


We have an amazing grouping of Environments available this month. How about a Cyberpunk Alleyway to really push a dystopian feel?

Apothecary and Alchemy

Archmodels for UE Vol 4

Buddhist Monastery Environment

Cyberpunk Alley Pack

Diner Environment

HighSchool Classroom

Low Poly Stylized Environment

Medieval Tavern

Ocean Floor Environment

Olbert's Low Poly Coast

Olbert's Low Poly Desert

Olbert's Low Poly Taiga

Old Train Factory

Photorealistic Landscape Pack 4

Rome Fantasy Pack I

Simple House Interiors

Simple Office Interiors

Simple Shop Interiors

The Moon

Stylized Low Poly Pine Forest


Check out the RPG FX Starter Pack for your RPG effects.

Advanced Magic FX 08

Cel Shading and Outline Materials

RPG FX Starter Pack

Worm Holes FX

Vehicle FX


If you need a building and want it to look stellar, we’ve got you covered!

DevTon Damaged Materials Vol 1

Ground and Walls Texture Pack 2

Paving Stone Material Pack


Are you looking for music to really draw out the screams this Halloween season? The Horror Sound Packs might be just what you need to get the adrenaline pumping.

8bit Music Loops Vol 1

5 Pieces for Harp

Abstract Ambiences Stereo Mixes

Casual Music Loops Vol 1 (Space)

Chiptune Music Pack

Cinematic Hybrids Music Collection

Cinematic Orchestra Dark Fantasy

Explorer Music Volume I

Happy Music Pack 2

Horror Sound Pack

Horror Sound Pack 2

Maiden Of The World The Orchestral Music of Titus and Vyntra

Medieval and Suspenseful Bundle

Modern War Vol 2 Underscore

Rock Music Loops Vol 1

Science Fiction Scores

SciFi Music Pack 1

Space FX Music Pack

The Stinger: Hybrid

The Stinger: Orchestral


Medieval Feast


Are you in need of set pieces that help to define a city, or perhaps a grand feast is more in order? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

3D Military Insignia Set

Ancient Cemetery Props

Debris Pack

DevTon Laptops Pack

Industrial Decor Pack

Item Box Pack

Medieval Feast

Medieval Weapons Pack 5

Pool Table with Neon Balls

Scavenger's Loot Pack

Simple City

Sticks Pack

Sound FX:

From the clack of a typewriter to utterly alien soundwaves, we have what you need to help give your game the ambient audio it deserves.

25 Coin Sounds

25 Button Sounds

25 Footsteps in Forest Sounds

25 Footsteps on Gravel Sounds

25 High Tech Sounds

25 Jet Engine Sounds

25 Tree Bark Break Sounds

25 Tree Branch Breaking Sounds

25 User Interface Sounds V1

25 Whoosh Sounds V1

Abstract Ambiences Construction Kit

Alien Atmospheres V1

Alien Atmospheres V2

Computer Noises

Electric Typewriters

Just Chains

Monster Sound Pack

RiseHit Fx For Movie And Game


Animated FPS Starter Kit


Need a sword for your alien hordes? These low poly blades might do the trick!

Animated Ironbelly FPS Starter Kit

Animated M4A1

Lowpoly SciFi Swords

That’s all for now, but if you are a Marketplace vendor who would like to participate in an upcoming sale, please connect with us by contacting marketplace-support@unrealengine.com. Until next time!