Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - October 2016

By Adam Davis

The month of October is officially behind us and with it came more treats than tricks for developers looking to find the right fit for their projects. As we’re quickly becoming accustomed to, last month saw a slew of new arrivals inside the Unreal Engine Marketplace that meet a wide variety of developer needs. 

Check out the Gesture Tracker VR by Hunter Delattre. This utilizes the motion controller capabilities of VR to allow you to create amazing effects based on hand movements. You’ll also find plenty of quality music that can fit many different genres within the Mega Game Music Collection by MuzStation Game Music or you can add in Dino Zavr’s Dinozavr's QTE System to implement some unique interactions to your project. 

No matter what your needs are, there are dozens of new assets to explore. Check out the list below and then come on over to the Marketplace and see what’s in store!


Two Handed Sword Animset Pro


This set of over 120 combat animation is worth fighting for: 

Two Handed Sword Animset Pro


Modern Bathroom

Architectural Visualization: 

Check out these visually stunning architectural visualization sets:

Crazy Insane Dining Sets

Modern Bathroom


Modular Vehicle


Here are some of the fantastic Blueprint options available now: 

Area Based Procedural Generation

Classic RTS Fog of War

Classic TopDown Fog of War

Custom Character Designer (Male)

DarknesZ Viewer

Dinozavr's QTE System

Enemy AI Constructor

First Person Horror Template

Modular Vehicle


Orbit Weather and Seasons

Procedural Escalator

Simple Weapon System

Taiku Mecha Movement

Vehicle Soccer Template

Voronoi Split Screen

Weaponized Environments


Skeleton Archer


Take a look at a few of the characters waiting for you: 

Giant Bat

Giant Death Robot Pack

Ocean Pliosaur Pack

RatMan Character

Skeleton Archer

Skeleton Army

Skeleton Footman

Skeleton Sorcerer

Skeleton Warlord

Sulcata Tortoise


Warrior Character



Simple Panoramic Exporter

Code Plugins: 

There are plenty of plugins to help you get the most out of the Unreal Engine: 

Blue Man VehicleAI Plugin

Chartboost Plugin

DataTracker Plugin

Footstep Generator Plugin

Gesture Tracker VR

HG Gif Importer

Instance Tool

Look Alive

MapSync Plugin

Option Menu Kit

Procedural Midi

Simple Panoramic Exporter

Smart FPS Counter

UFSM PluginHorizonTween Plugin


VR Pawn Components Plugin


Arid Mountain Landscape


Are you ready for these stunning views? 

25 Photorealistic Skies

Abandoned Playground

Arid Mountains Landscape

Dry Landscape

Sand Dunes Landscape

Simple Port

Spring Landscape

Snowy Mountains Landscape

Stylized Low Poly Seasonal Forest Pack

Victorian Train Station and Railroad Modular Set


Space Nebula and Starfield


Check out these new effects that can help to take your visuals to the next level: 

Advanced Magic FX 09

All Platform Outline Pack

Space Nebula and Starfield


Photosourced Parallax Materials


There are plenty of new material options out now: 


DevTon Archviz Materials Vol 4

Fire Hydrant Package

FA3L - Material Pack Volume 1

Parquet Library Vol 1

Photosourced Parallax Materials

Wood Floor Material Pack


NeoSonic Space Music Vol 1


Need some background music? Here’s just a few of the options ready to roll: 

Asian Fusion

Casual Music Loops Vol 2 (Kids)

Cute Romantic Music Pack

Hybrid Warfare Interactive Music Library

Medieval Music

Mega Game Music Collection

NeoSonic EDM Vol 1

NeoSonic Fantasy Music Vol 1

Near Future Music

NeoSonic Space Music Vol 1

Orchestral Warfare Interactive Music Library

Retro Future

Sounds of Horror

Space FX

Spacey Groove Music Loop Pack

Suspense Music Pack

The Quest (Fantasy Adventure Music)

The Sound of Horror Music


Antique Columns


New props that can bring life to your projects: 

Antique Columns

Farmer's Day Vol 01

Fusebox Pack

Industrial Props

Legendary Swords Collection

Low Poly Survival Pack

Low Poly Survival Props Pack

Military Ships Pack

Old Bench Pack

Realistic Tropical Plants 1

Scenic Background Mountains pack Vol 1

School Book Set

Sci fi Props Pack

SciFi Crate Set Volume 1

Street Props Pack

Studio Shoot Props

Survival Props Pack

Utility Cases

Yughues Wooden Crates


Users of Tomorrow

Sound FX: 

Add some ambiance to your games with these great sound effects: 

Explosion Sound Pack

Human Vocalizations

Medieval Fantasy Sound Effects

Metal Sound Effects

Metal Victory Riffs Vol 1

Troll Monster Vocalizations

Users of Tomorrow


Ninja Weapons and Tools Ninjato Katana Set


The weapons in these packs are sure to add value to your projects: 

Animated Siege Weapons

Ninja Weapons and Tools Ninjato Katana Set

Thank you for your continued support of the Unreal Engine Marketplace. If you are interested in becoming a content creator for the Marketplace, then check out our Submission Guidelines and head to the Seller Profile page to get started. We’ll see you next time!

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