Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - November 2016

By Adam Davis

It’s hard to believe, but the month of November has come and gone. It is a time for giving thanks, eating great food, and providing new, high-quality content to developers around the globe! This month’s Unreal Engine Marketplace releases have covered a wide range of needs, from RPG to ArchViz and pretty much everything in between. Our fantastic selection of content is growing each month to provide even more options for your next project.

For instance, Desk Dragons Low Poly Dungeon by Desk Dragons Interactive is great for mobile and procedural use while the RPG Engine Toolkit by Kevin Mitchell will help drive your RPG needs. Also, if you need gorgeous glass effects, Skull’s Advanced Glass Shader may be just what you are looking for.

With all the new content available, there is plenty to discover, which is why we’re recapping the latest additions for you below. Of course, you can always swing by the Marketplace to see what’s in store!


Cat Woman Set


Check out these awesome Cat Woman animations:

Cat Woman Set


Ambient Physical Decoration


There are a ton of new Blueprint options for your game needs:

Ambient Physical Decoration


Custom Lens Flare Tool

Dialogue Tree and Quest System

Race Kit

Special Air Service Pack


Battle Transporter Pack


November is certainly a great month for new monsters and villains!

Battle Transporter Pack

Black Dragon

Customisable Medieval Knight


G Soldier with Gas Mask


Heroic Fantasy Lizard Creatures

Heroic Fantasy Villains Vol 1

Heroic Fantasy Villains Vol 2

Heroic Fantasy Villains Vol 3

Heroic Fantasy Villains Vol 4

Heroic Fantasy Villains Vol 5


Horned Monster


Ocean Plesiosaur Pack

Ratkin's Army


Red Crowned Crane

Skeleton Hero


PolyPixel Freebie Pack

Community Samples:

PolyPixel Freebie Pack


Broadleaf Forest Collection


These beautiful scenes and environments are worth exploring:

Broadleaf Forest Collection

Dead Hills Landscape

Desk Dragons Low Poly Dungeon

Factory District

Grass Hills Landscape

Horror Child Room

HQ Residential House

Lowlands Landscape

Mars Landscape

Olbert's Low Poly Crepuscular Forest

Olbert's Low Poly Clay Stronghold

Olbert's Low Poly Grass And Ground Plants

Olbert's Low Poly Wood Stronghold

Overgrown Ruins

Public Restroom

Simple Dungeons

Simple Farm

Victorian Dining Room




These effects are sure to catch your player’s eye:

Advanced Magic FX 10

Fire Starter Pack


Simple Cartoon FX 2


DevTon Archviz Fabrics Vol. 1


Bring out the most in your scenes with these amazing new materials:

Advanced Glass Shader

DevTon Archviz Fabrics Vol 1

Marble Material

Water Materials


Wanderer Vol. 1


From melodic to spooky, November’s music selection can cover your needs:

Ancient Voices Volume 2

Cartoon Spooky Music Pack

Casual Music Pack

Christmas Music Collection

Doom and Gloom Orchestral Moods

Dungeon Music Pack Ambience and Combat

Exploration Game Music Pack

Horror Music Mini Pack Vol 1

Jazz Volume 1

McCarthy Soundtrack Collection

Medieval Music Collection

Ninja BGM

Solo Piano Music Collection

The Stinger Electronic

The Stinger Retrorchestral

Wander Vol 1

World Beat and Suspenseful Game Music Bundle


Shadow Mocap Plugin


Here are some great new plugins that can help bring your projects to the next level:


Hair Strand Plugin

Melee Tracing Plugin

RPG Engine Toolkit

Shadow Mocap Plugin


Modular Building Cabin


Get some props to bring a different feel to your game:

Animated SciFi Gates

Atmospheric Candles Pack

Classical Statues and Interiors

Collection of 22 High-Quality Chairs

Cyberpunk Street Props Pack 1

Interior Plants 01

Medieval Watch Tower Pack

Modular Building Cabin

Modular Walkway Set

PBR Plant Pack Volume 2

Realistic Trees 2

Ship Scout Upgrades and FXs

Taiku Prototype VR Hands


Industrial Sound Effects

Sound FX:

Add some unique ambiance to your project with these awesome sound effects:

25 Christmas Sound Effects


Christmas Sound Effects Bundle

Industrial Sound Effects 2


Scifi Gunshot Sounds

Steel Bridges

Summer Sound

Wind Turbines


Animated Light Medieval Crossbow


Check out the newest weapons ready for action:

Animated Light Medieval Crossbow

European Swords

Futuristic Grenade Asset Pack

Propeller Hammer

Samurai Weapons


Thank you for your continued support of the Unreal Engine Marketplace. If you are interested in becoming a content creator for the Marketplace, then check out our Submission Guidelines and head to the Seller Profile page to get started. We’ll see you next time!

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