Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - March 2017

By Adam Davis

Believe it or not, March has passed and Spring is officially underway. The close of the month has seen a host of updates to the Marketplace as well as fantastic new releases for developers to take advantage of. From thunderous sound effects to modern architecture, our content creators continue to develop fresh, original packs for you to explore.

If you are looking for new music in your futuristic title, Mercurius FM’s SYNTHWAVE 001 Cyberpunk 80s Soundtrack Music may be right up your alley. The Fantastic Metaballs System by CHENGZHONG YU brings Metaballs to UE4 with flare. If your project utilizes a low-poly art style, Simple People or Polygon Knights Pack by Synty Studios provide character assets you may be able to use. The Skulls and Bones Textures by R33K bring a distinct look to eerie environments. Or, if a Medieval setting is in your future, check out the Animated Arbalest Crossbow by Ironbelly Studios Inc.

We’ve compiled all of March’s additions below for your convenience, but come on over to the Marketplace anytime to see the very latest!

Architectural Visualization


Asia Modern Apartment


This modern scene provides clean lines and vibrant color for architectural settings:

Asia Modern Apartment



Character Interaction


Loads of Blueprints support many different uses and mechanics:

Architectural Minimap

Array Placement Tools

Automatic Buildings

BOOM! Explosion Kit

Character Interaction

Control Panel Pack

DENT-Destructible Environment

Generated Gore Dismemberment Kit

Interactive Media System

Inventory Examine Interface

Minimalist Interface Package

Objectives System VR

Photo Mode


Radar System with Minimap

SG Drag and Spawn Button

Spline Chain System

Spline Looper

Survival Inventory

Taiku Menus 02 Taiku Boogaloo Edition

Talent (Skill) Tree Builder

TPS Starter Pack

Unreal GoKart



GR Female Heroine 01


These characters are ready to bring a range of games and applications to life:


Female character

Fantasy Wolf

Giant Rat

Giant Viper

GR Female Heroine 01

Little Yellow Duck




Reef Kit


From low to high-poly, these environments can help you create all sorts of unique scenes:

3D Low Poly Winter Landscape

Hospital Lowpoly

Modular SciFi Engineer Hallways

New York Apartments

Polygon Knights Pack

Prison Bathroom

Reef Kit

Root Cellar

SimplePoly City

Visual Effects


Advanced Magic FX 13


Check out these new magic effects:

Advanced Magic FX 13



Skulls and Bones Textures


Stunning material systems provide complex and dynamic materials for projects:

Beach Water Shader

Fantastic Metaballs System

Skulls and Bones Textures



Electro Chill


These music tracks evoke many different types of moods:

Ambient Orchestral Moods Vol.1

Bass Music

Electro Chill

Infinity Music Pack #1

Infinity Music Pack #2

Retro Electro Music Pack

Rock Music Vol. I

Surfing Gravity Music Loop Pack

SYNTHWAVE 001 Cyberpunk 80s Soundtrack Music

Win and Fail Organ Stingers



Pivot Tool


These plugins are ready to help improve and streamline your workflow:

Able Ability System

DoN's 3D Pathfinding for Flying AI

Enhanced Output Log

Input Buffer


Pivot Tool

SVG Importer Plugin

Toggl Plugin



Ground Plants Pack


Use these handy props to bring detail and richness to your environments:

Ancient Tools Pack

Beach Props Pack 1

Casino Props

Classical Street Assets

Customizable Tables and Chairs

Dark Portal

Desert Props

Fence Concrete System

Ground Plants Pack

Lanterns Pack

Loot Set 100+ 3D Props

Modular Cliffs

Modular Pipe and Boiler Pack

Old School Playground Gear

Pro Tek SciFi VR Space Station #3

Reactive Banners and Flags

Rocks and Boulders Pack

Sandbag Walls

Shop Sign Board Pack 

Signs and Barriers

Simple People

SimplePoly Stadium Kit

Six HighPoly Beds

Sport Badminton

Sound Effects


Summer Sound Light Edition


From subtle ambiance to snappy sound effects, these packs cover a wide range of needs:

Concrete Footsteps

DK Military Announcer

Leaves Footsteps

Medieval Battle Sounds Library

Mobile Game

Rock Footsteps

RPG Magic SFX Pack

Summer Sound Light Edition

The Sounds of Nature

Thunderstorm Sound FX Ambience Construction Kit

Undergrowth Footsteps

Wood Footsteps



The Match 3 Art Bundle


These textures are ready to jumpstart your design work:

400 Noise Texture Mega Pack

The Match 3 Art Bundle



Weapon Special Attachements


Add variety to battles with these fun weapon packs:

Animated Arbalest Crossbow

Animated European Crossbow

Assortment of Swords

Generic Small Arms Ammunition

Weapon Special Attachments

Swords Pack


Thank you for your continued support! If you’re interested in becoming a creator for the Marketplace, check out our Submission Guidelines and head to the Seller Profile page to get started.

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