Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - January 2017

By Adam Davis

January is behind us, but the first month of the New Year has left us with a collection of exciting content to explore on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. With the stellar packs our content creators have been crafting and even more on the horizon, 2017 is already shaping up to be an excellent year for Unreal Engine developers!.

If you are looking to use unique character movement in your game, check out First Person Grapple Hook by Kelint. Meanwhile, the Advanced Space Shader by Skull brings interesting and unique depth to space scenes and games.

Infuse Studio’s Board Games Vol 1 ships with beautifully detailed models for chess and checkers props, while Skeleton Crew Bundle 02 by Bitgem 3D provides a selection of ready-made villains for low poly titles. If you’re looking to add a splash of color to your city streets, pick up Kelint’s Real Graffiti Decals to infuse hyperreal graffiti treatments within your scenes.

We’ve compiled all of January’s additions below for your convenience, but come on over to the Marketplace any time to see the very latest!


GUI Graphics Pack

2D Assets

The GUI Graphics Pack pictured above ships with a plethora of original graffiti-styled UI items. 


Flying Mage Set


The Flying Mage Set gives animation a boost by providing an easy way to add a new RPG class.


New Scandinavian

Architectural Visualization

Take a look at these fantastic new arch viz packs:

New Scandinavian

Seating Collection LP VR

Sofa Scene


First Person Grapple Hook


Whether you’re in need of movement, maps or in-game commerce, these Blueprint collections will help you build all types of mechanics:

Advanced Locomotion System V1

A.P.T.S. Partial Targeting

First Person Grapple Hook

Economy Kit


Modular RPG System

Multiplayer Crafting System

Multiplayer Horde Game Template

Objectives System

Player Stats Kit

Psychokinesis Force

Quick Gravity Tools

Turn Based Battle Systems

Vega's Clicker Toolkit


Little Dragons Tiger


In need of terrifying monsters or adorable new characters? You’ve come the right place.



Giant Flea Monster

Little Dragon Sea

Little Dragons Tiger

Lizard Warrior

Mushroom Monster Pack PBR

Phoenyx Sci Fi Character 1

Skeleton Crew Bundle 02


Japanese Garden Set


These new environments are richly detailed and support a range of moods and ambience:

High School Restroom

HQ Christmas Room

Japanese Garden Set

Low Poly Adventure Environment

Mansion Hall

Modular Building Barn

Old Town

Photorealistic Landscape Bundle 1

Procedural Nature Pack Vol 2

Redwood Forest

The Gallery

Zhang Jia Jie Mountain


Real Graffiti Decals

Visual FX

Get creative with these new FX offerings, which make excellent use of Unreal Engine particle systems and post-processing effects:  

Advanced Magic FX 12

Rain Drops

Real Graffiti Decals


NeoFur Add-On - SciFi Pack 1


Check out the incredible extensibility and customization options in these new material packs!

Advanced Space Shader

NeoFur Add-On – Plants Pack 1

NeoFur Add-On – SciFi Pack 1

Yughues PhotoScanned Mats


80’s Synthwave Fusion


Set the scene and shape the mood with these high-quality background music packs:

80's SYNTHWAVE Fusion

Ambient Loop Vol 1

Casual Action Game Soundtrack

Classical Piano Collection

Dragon Music

Electric Heat

Fantasy Music Bundle

Funky Alien Music Loop Pack

LOFI Trip Music

Open and Close


Demo Player with VR Spectate


These plugins boost efficiency in production workflows, whether you’re looking to bring geolocation data into your project, add mini-maps to your game or enhance VR content creation:

Demo Player with VR Spectate


Heavy Wizards Radar




3D Low Poly Rocks


Populate your scenes with fresh new props. Check out these low-poly creatures, photo-scanned rocks, stylized wood, realistic survival gear - there’s something for everyone here!

3D Low Poly Rocks


Animal Triangle

Board Games Vol 1

Electrical Fuse Boxes and Wires Pack

Hands for VR SciFi

Interior Props Pack 1: Wood

Modular Wooden Set

Photo Scanned Rock Pack 3

Propane Tanks

SciFi Animated Doors Pack

Survival Items Pack

The Medieval Fantasy Container Pack Pro


Doom Drones

Sound FX

These new audio collections are filled with sound effects for many different types of situations:

Bloody Nightmare

Collected Ambiences Volume 6

Collected Ambiences Volume 7

Collected Ambiences Volume 8

Doom Drones

Drag and Slide

Game Ready Sounds

Game Ready Sounds 2

Office Building

Room Tones Industry Building

SciFi SFX Collection

Solar Sky

Unsettling Creaks and Squeaks Extension I


TinySet 01 Wood


The TinySet 01 Wood texture pack above ships with photorealistic and seamless textures for half a dozen different tree species.


Low Poly Weapons Melee Pack


War may never change, but your tools for battle surely need to evolve:

Animated FPS MP5K SMG Weapon Pack

Animated L86 LIght Support Weapon Pack

Low Poly Melee Weapons Pack by Artem

Post Apocalyptic Melee Weapons


Thank you for your continued support! If you’re interested in becoming a content creator for the Marketplace, check out our Submission Guidelines and head to the Seller Profile page to get started.

For those attending the upcoming Game Developers Conference, we welcome you to stop by and say hello to us. Epic’s developers will be available at the Unreal Engine booth in Moscone South 1024.

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