March 7, 2017

Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - February 2017

By Adam Davis

February is past, but the month brought plenty of exciting updates to the Unreal Engine Marketplace. The shopping cart has been officially released, and there are all-new high quality assets ready for content creators to explore.

We’ve compiled all of February’s releases together for your convenience, but you can come on over to the Marketplace any time to see the very latest!


Desert 2D Platformer Pack

2D Assets:

Building a 2D game, or need some UI? These assets might be for you:

Desert 2D Platformer Pack

Medieval RPG UI Kit


Third Person Shooter Kit


Bring all sorts of new functionality to your project with these Blueprints:

Blur UMG Panel

First Person Wall Run

Heart Health Bar


SG Grid Creator

Taiku Menus 01 First Edition Hyper Turbo Remix

Third Person Shooter Kit

Layouter Blueprint Level Generator


Female Mannequin


This month saw a host of amazing characters arrive in the Marketplace:

Adam Horseman Archer

Demon Crew Bundle

Fat Unicorn

Female Mannequin

Giant Beetle

Giant Worm Pack PBR

Hahn Character


Turtles And Tortoises


Modular Swamp Shack Pack


From ancient to modern and beyond, these environments offer new, fantastic places to explore:

Abandoned Parking Garage

Cliff Tower Ruins

Desert Oasis

DevTon Winter Landscape

Modular Swamp Shack Pack

POLYGON Adventure Pack

Simple Temples


Luos’s Four More Elements


These Magic and Sci Fi FX will liven up your project:

Basic Magic FX

Beam And Laser FX 01

Luos's Four More Elements


DevTon Archviz Materials Vol 6


Take advantage of these tremendous, ready to go archviz materials:

ArchViz Pack 1 (NeoFur Materials)

DevTon Archviz Materials Vol 5

DevTon Archviz Materials Vol 6


Adventure Pack Vol 1


Let these tunes draw your players into the experience:

Adventurer's Ambience

Adventure Pack Vol 1

Ambient Horror Soundscapes

Ambient Relaxation Music Collection

Dangerous Horizon

Gigantic Drums Volume 1

Hybrid Main Themes and Trailer Music

Jazz Music Collection

Marmalade Jump

Medieval and Renaissance Music Pack

Piano and Strings Atmospheric Library

Scifi Soundscapes

Survival Horror Audio Solution

TECHNO 001 Game Music Soundtrack

Uplifting Music Collection

Vaporwave Synthwave Dream Music


Object Pool Plugin


Each of these plugins is designed to help your workflow:

MS SQL Integration

Object Pool Plugin

Quest System

Vega Threading


Archilab101 v2 Lamps


These props can bring out whole new possibilities:

Animated FP Civilian Arms Pack

Archilab101 v2 Lamps

Cartoon Oasis Plants

CorcraProps Rustic

Customizable Neon Sign Pack

Deco Statue Collection

Hellish Ruins Mini Pack

Industrial Crates Pack 1

Keys Mini Pack

Lockpick Mini Pack

Lowpoly Medieval pack 1

Manholes Mini Pack

Medieval Torture Pack

Modular Footbridge Set

Old Tools Mini Pack

Retro Gaming Mini Pack

RTS Cartoon Environment

Voxel Cars

Worn Furniture Pack 1


The Blacksmith

Sound FX:

Here are some new sound effects to peruse:

Banshee Voice Pack

Barbarian Voicepack

Matter Mayhem


Strategic Game Building Sounds

The Blacksmith

Vengeful Spirit Voice Pack




Check out these amazing weapon packs:

10 Fantasy Stylish Weapon

Axes Pack


Roman Weapons Pack

Thank you for your continued support! If you’re interested in becoming a content creator for the Marketplace, check out our Submission Guidelines and head to the Seller Profile page to get started.