Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - December 2016

By Adam Davis

2016 is officially behind us, but before we move on to the year ahead, let's take a minute to revisit all of the excellent new content that arrived in the Unreal Engine Marketplace during the month of December. As usual, Unreal content creators have been busy providing unique assets for you to explore.

If you're working on a low poly game, consider picking up Simple Apocalypse for a stylized setting, which ships with mobile-ready assets. Use the new Dynamic Plane Deformation Blueprint with Snow Demo to create malleable snow with loads of parameters for customizing effects. Grab the Medieval Combat Starter Kit to quickly set up your own melee combat-based project, and check out Dissolving Gradients if you need to melt or blend a few materials.

With the close of another month, there are plenty of new packs to explore. We’ve recapped them below for your convenience, but you can always visit the Marketplace yourself to see what’s in store!


2D Endless Runner

2D Assets:

Check out this endless runner set by Vulgaris.

2D Endless Runner


HQ Modern Furniture Pack

Architectural Visualization:

We have amazing new Arch Viz options.

ArchVis VR

HQ Modern Furniture Pack


Multiplayer Melee Combat System


There are some stellar Blueprints that arrived in December.

Dynamic Grass System

Dynamic Plane Deformation Blueprint with Snow Demo

Easy Shop Module

Inventory System

Multiplayer Melee Combat System

Multiplayer TopDown Survival Kit

Radar Minimap

Reversing Time System

Spawning Randomizer Tool

Simple Vehicle System



MOBA Elf Character and Blueprints


There are a variety of new characters ready and waiting!




Harpy Eagle

Heroic Fantasy Mythic Creatures Vol 1

Heroic Fantasy Mythic Creatures Vol 2

Kunoichi (Female Ninja)

Male Paul character

MOBA Elf Character and Blueprints

Modular Fantasy Knights



Eternal Temple


From low poly to realistic, we have great new environment options available.

Affordable Landscapes 2

Ancient Egypt Tomb Kit

Eternal Temple

European Forest

Medieval Fantasy Tavern

Modular SciFi: Command Center

Post Soviet Bathroom

Research Center

SciFi Corridor Environment

Simple Apocalypse

Simple Apocalypse Interiors

Simple Fantasy Interiors


Ambient Wind System


Here are some fantastic new FX ready to go.

Advanced Magic FX 11

Ambient Wind System

Casual Magic Aura Effect Pack 2



4K Materials Wood Flooring


Dozens of high-quality materials are included in these new sets.

4K Materials Wood Flooring

Dissolving Gradients

Necro's Utility Material Pack 2


Evolving Atmospheres


We have great new music options to explore!

Action SciFi Music Pack

Adaptive Game Music 2

Arpeggios in Space Ambience Series

Cute Social Game Music Pack

Cerebral Moments Music Pack

Dreamy Drones Ambience Series

Evolving Atmospheres

Haunting Drones

Metal Defeat Riffs Vol 1


Marmoset Toolbag Scene Importer


Check out the latest integrations, valuable productivity tools and new starter assets!

Code Timelines


Marmoset Toolbag Scene Importer

Medieval Combat Starter Kit

SCUE4 Anti-Cheat Solution


Vega Crypto Blueprint Library


Nature Set


The newest line of props covers a wide variety of uses.

AmmoboxStudios's Prop Vehicle Pack


Industrial Models Pack

Inreal Architectural Asset Pack Volume One

Interactive Fusebox

Item Box Pack II

Nature Set

Procedural Graveyard Wall and Fence

Sci Fi Industrial Crates

Simple Summer Trees

Tarped Crate Pack

User Friendly PBR Game Lamps


Surreal Soundscapes


Tap into a range of audio effects to add complexity and emotion to your sound design.

Elven Language Male Voice Pack

Future Weapons


Robotic Lifeforms

Surreal Soundscapes


Stylized Weapons


Fight off your foes with these new weapon packs.

Animated FPS 870 American Classic Pack

Animated FPS SMG Weapons 3

Animated FPS Starter Kit #2

Animated Taser

Machete Styles

Stylized Weapons


Thank you for your continued support of the Unreal Engine Marketplace. If you are interested in becoming a content creator for the Marketplace, check out our Submission Guidelines and head to the Seller Profile page to get started. Happy New Year to all and we’ll see you next time!

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