Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - August 2016

By Reuben Anders

Hello everyone! This past month we have released 135 new items to content creators within the Unreal Engine Marketplace! This includes Environments, Animations, Material, Plug-ins and so much more. Not only have we released a plethora of awesome content, but we have brought back our Marketplace Summer Sale. Over 100 items ran up to 75% off  that fit into our set themes for each week.

While that's amazing news, it can also be a lot to keep track of. Since we don’t want you to miss out on all of the useful content that is available via the Unreal Engine Marketplace, this blog is giving you the chance to get all caught up on what's new and what's what! Whether you are searching for new heroes, villains, weapon or the perfect audio track for your project, you will find it in this month’s lineup. Below are links to the releases from all of August 2016, which we’ve sorted by category for easy browsing. Enjoy!


From setting a military base at an alien landing or exploring the never ending catacombs under a haunted graveyard, check out all of our environments from this month below:

Conifer Forest Collection


Military Base by eudes

Conifer Forest Collection by MAWI United GmbH

Landscape Pack One by Serifcan Durmaz

Forest Gnoll Set by Patrick

Planet Venus Landscape by DevTon Studio

Catacombs by Sharur

Graveyard and Nature Set by NatureManufacture

Olbert’s Low Poly by Whiteman And Olbert

Underground Caves and Bunker by Clinton Crumpler

Military Field Camp by Dragon Motion

Olbert's Low Poly Forest by Whitman And Olbert

Spaceship Interior Environment Set by Denys Rutkovskyi


Architectural Visualization

Check out this cozy interior:

HangZhou Apartment by wow7410852


Looking for crafting, industry, or armor for your heroes or villains? You may find what you need in our prop list below:

Old Kitchen


Urns and Amphoras of Elxir by Shock Engine

Handyman Tool Pack Vol 1 by Riley L

Old Alchemist by inedible.red

Industry Props Pack 5 by SilverTm

Stump and Logs Pack by Anton Miroshnikov

High Quality ATA Equipment Cases by Lost Boys Ambassadors

Small Office Props Pack by Sigma Games

Fire Fighting by Dmitry Anisimov

Viking Shield Collection by Andreas Hauber

Realistic Bushes 1 by Defuse Studios

Forest Mushroom Pack 2 by Mikolaj Spychal

Medieval Village Wooden Props by Samuele F. Zanchi

Alchemy Props by Udkap

Good Food by Mr. Necturus

Old Kitchen by Mr. Necturus

Ontario PBR Plant Pack by Patrick Murphy

Seashells and Starfishes by Mikolaj Spychal

Fantasy Shield 5 Pack by Elliot Sharp

Forest Mushrooms Pack 2 by Mikolaj Spychal

Urns and Amphoras of Elixir by Shock Engine

Small Office Prop Pack by Sigma Games

2D Assets

If you’ve checked out Robin Ekeheien’s Desert and Jungle packs, you will definitely enjoy the next handcrafted graveyard set.

2D Graveyard Pack Handcrafted Art by Robin Ekeheien


We have a plethora of fearsome enemies to add to your projects. From Demons, to Fat Orges, to Cute Kittens - never adventure alone with these creatures around.

Horses for Heroes


Ratkin Slave by Mr. Necturus

Demon Destroyer by Mr. Necturus

Demon Warrior by Mr. Necturus

Demon Desperator by Mr. Necturus

Demonic Beast by Mr. Necturus

Ratkin Armor Gunner by Mr. Necturus

Horse For Heroes by Mr. Necturus

Ratkin Shaman by Mr. Necturus

Ratkin Warlord by Mr. Necturus

Ratkin Warrior by Mr. Necturus

Ratkin Armored Gunner by Mr. Necturus



Animals: Bear by GiM

Forester’s Day Vol 01 by GiM

Male Character Ace by SteelRose

Cute Kitten by leshiy3d

Stylized Paladin Character by Morodragos

Russian Soldier Military and Police Customizable Versions by Vladamir Andropov

Fish by Richard Starke

Medieval Warrior by Mad Mike

Animals: Bear by GiM

Animals: Buffalo by GiM


Creating a zombie horde or immediately going kung fu crazy, set your characters up with these awesome animations:

Fighting Animset Pro


Unarmed Style Set by WeMYG

Fighting Animset Pro by Kubold

Giant Monster Animset by Riko

Zombie Starter Mocap Pack by Motion Capture Online

Zombie Basic Mocap Pack by Motion Capture Online


We have a lot of different kinds of Materials this month. From gravel to fill your roads with adventure to water for exploring the deep mysteries of the ocean, materials may be the best place to look

DevTon Archviz Materials Vol 3


Character Cel Shading Pack by Jiffycrew

Wooden Floor Pack by Immersive Estate

Wooden Floor Pack 3 by Immersive Estate

Wooden Floor Pack 4 by The Texture Lab

DevTon Archviz Materials Vol 3 by DevTon Studio

Ocean Water Shader by Ben Allen

Customizable Wood Floor Pack by Kiwi Tu

Gravel Pack 1 by Immersive Estate

Gravel Pack 2 by Immersive Estate

Advanced Fur Shader by Skull


Deck out your mutation hangouts or city layouts with these textures below:

30 Sewer HQ Textures by Eduardo R


Looking for spells for your wizard or special effects for your starfleet? Check out our latest FX offeringst here (but don’t overdo it…)!

Advanced Magic FX 07


Advanced Magic FX 07 by Kakky

Custom Lens Flares Material by Anton Doe


We have a huge amount of Blueprints added to the Marketplace this month! From multiplayer additions to NPC creations and much, more. Check out our Blueprint list down below:

Advanced Tuning Cars


2 Bone IK Foot Placement System by Kevin Razmus

Smart FP Controller by Victor’s Assets

Procedural Elevator by Balázs Viktor

Beam for FPS by IvanDurak

Weapon Component by Quick and Easy

Spell and Damage System by Ziga Osolin

Easy Interactions by Beniamin Dudek

Multiplayer Item Management by Dominic Gregory

Character NPC and Minion Creator Blueprint System by 2ndSum Studios

Morphing Female by alexandr rusinov

Blueprint Elevator System by Strange Peak Game Studio

Screen Indicator by MSTF

Object Inspection System by Sertac Ogan

Fight Game Select Character by Raphael Porto

Ghost Trails by Flakky

StarSphere by LoomMan

Advanced Tuning Cars by James Novih

ZText by Mountain Trail

Blueprint Driven Day Night Cycle by tharlevfx

Side Scroller Shooter Kit by Marcin Matuszczyk

Blueprint Quick Time Events by Adam Gyenes

Navigational Arrow System by compengie

Smart FP Controllers: First Person by Victor's Assets

Beams for FPS by IvanDurak

MQ9 Reaper by Kelint


We have some very exciting plugins to share with you all this month. Take a look below:

Tango Plugin


Tango Plugin by Opaque Media Group

GameSparks SDK by GameSparks Ltd

MatBatchUEr by NT Entertainment

Multi Object Renaming Tool by Editor Improvements

Particle Editor Extension by Cultrarius

Extended Facebook Online Subsystem by gameDNA

TwitchPlay Plugin by Simone Di Gravio

Universal Mobile Ads by gameDNA

A Bullet Penetration Plugin by Sergey Zhernovoy

Multi Objects Renaming Tool by Editor Improvements

Unreal.js by NCSOFT Corporation

Sound FX

Whether it’s a fierce battle being drawn out in the distance or the suspenseful footstep creeping ever so closely to your hiding spot, check out this month’s Sound Fx packs below:

Footsteps SFX with Example Project


Ancient Game by ESM Team

NPALL Longsword Bundle by NPALL Audio

Hybrid Game Sounds by ESM Team

Footsteps SFX with Example Project by William Forster

Military Voice Pack by Redheart Entertainment

Cute Fantasy Girl Voice Pack by Redheart Entertainment

Horror Atmospheres and Effects by Mikael Khatemi

Blockbuster Trailer by ESM Team 

Modern FPS Sound Pack by AudioMars


Find yourself engaged in a new world with August’s lineup of music.We have everything from Scifi, Fantasy, Horror, and much more for you all down below:

Adventure Game Music Pack


Battlegrounds Score 01 by Lost Boys Ambassadors

The Piano by CyberLeaf Studio

Infinity Tone Metal Pack 2 by Karol Kosacki

Tree of Life Music Pack by W.O.W Sound 

Farm Music Pack by W.O.W Sound 

Machine World Score 01 by Lost Boys Ambassadors 

Cinematic Orchestra Music Collection by Taylor Brook Music

8bit Game Loops by Taylor Brook Music

Symphonic Fantasy by Taylor Brook Music

Ambient Bliss by Taylor Brook Music 

Beautiful Orchestra by Taylor Brook Music

The Sound of the Sphere by Oliver Kovacs

Indie Game Music Pack by YVY Music

Battle Music Pack by MuzStation Game Music 

Action Game Sound Soundtack by MuzStation Game Music

Medieval Music Pack by MuzStation Game Music

Fire Heavy Metal by FunFant

Mystical Game Music Pack by MuzStation Game Music

Casual Game Music by MuzStation Game Music

Trailer Music Pack by MuzStation Game Music

Action Game Soundtrack by MuzStation Game Music

Action Trailer Music Pack by MuzStation Game Music

Space Adventure Music Pack by MuzStation Game Music

Rock Music Loops Vol 1 by Plastic Sound Design

Electronic Music Loops Vol 1 by Plastic Sound Design

Drall's Game Music Box by Drall

The Magical Empire by Oliver Kovacs

The Sound of the Spheres by Oliver Kovacs

Adventure Game Music Pack by MuzStation Game Music


That's it for now, but don't forget that if you are one of our sellers and you would like to put an item of yours on sale, you may reach me through the forums as Reubitron or at marketplace-support@unrealengine.com with the title “Sale Request”. Until next time!

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