Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - April 2017

By Adam Davis

The month of April brought a variety of changes to the Unreal Engine Marketplace as well as a wealth of new content for developers to explore. From evil mage animations to customizable wood materials and more, April’s additions deliver a wide variety of quality content.

If you are setting up an Island adventure, Tropical Island Environment by Anil Isbilir may provide the look you are trying to achieve while Synty Studios’ POLYGON Vikings Pack is ready to bring Nordic influences to your latest project. Give your player’s a detailed readout of their play with Game Stats Kit by Peter Klauke and if you need more materials, Knobby's MatCaps by Knobbynobbes has a ton of fantastic options available.

We’ve compiled all of April’s additions below for your convenience, but come on over to the Marketplace anytime to see the very latest!



This evil mage anim set is ready to bring its magic to your next project:

Evil Magician Animations



Have a look at these stellar Blueprint options:

Dynamic Ragdoll

Fade Camera Occluders

Game Stats Kit

Procedural Noise Generator

Rope Bridge Kit

Spline Based Checkpoint System with Player Respawn

Train and Rail System

VR Gun Toolkit

VR Interactions Pack

VR Virtual Keyboard



These characters cover a wide range of needs:

Adam Horseman Knight

Animated Werewolf

Bei Character


Katanami Character


Worker Robot



Each of these new environments provide a unique look for your title:

DevTon Mars Landscape Concept

Post Soviet Room

Retro Space Station

Survival Kitchen

Tropical Island Environment



These Scan Effects are ready to give a different view:

Scan FX



All of these materials deliver fantastic visual options:

Customizable Wood Materials

Knobby's MatCaps

Leather Base Material Pack

Metal Materials



Change your project’s tone with these dynamic tunes:

Atmospheric Piano

Event Horizon Metal Pack

Heavy Metal Vol I

Infinity Tone 3

Quick Cuts Vol I

Space Age Funk Music Loop Pack

Space Soundtrack



These plugins are ready to help propel your project forward:

CarSim Vehicle Dynamics

DcxVehicle Plugin

Journeyman's Minimap

SixDOF Movement



Each of these props can bring a different look to your next title:

Circle of the Sun

Dapper Hat Collection #1

Destructable Glass

Low Poly Ships Pack

Modular Fences

Modular Sci Fi Space Base

Platformer Starter Pack 2

POLYGON Vikings Pack

Polymodels Cars Pack Vol 1

SciFi 'Populate' Pack

Simple Space

SimplePoly Medieval

TD Meadow Coverage


Sound FX:

From creaks and groans to static and footsteps, these sound effects help bring your title to life:


Footstep and Foley Sounds

Gravel Footsteps

Horror Atmosphere Vol 2


Lost Transmissions

Mystic Soundtracks

Newsreel Noises


Vibrant Game



Check out this diverse arsenal of weapons:

Assortment of Axes

Animated FPS M4A1 Assault Rifle

Animated FPS MP40 Pack

Animated Hand Crossbow

Animated Light European Crossbow

Combat Missile Pack

Fantasy War Swords


Thank you for your continued support! If you’re interested in becoming a creator for the Marketplace, check out our Submission Guidelines and head to the Seller Profile page to get started.

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