Unreal Engine learning content for December

Our latest batch of free online learning courses is ready and waiting for you to explore. December’s offering tackles everything from bringing SketchUp projects into Unreal Engine 5 to setting up a virtual camera controlled by the Live Link VCam app. Take a look!

SketchUp to Unreal Engine

In this course, you’ll learn how to convert SketchUp projects to Unreal Engine 5 with ease. We cover how to organize SketchUp scenes and UV map objects with the SketchUV plugin in preparation for export. Then, we explore how to import your SketchUp scene using Datasmith for a one-way conversion or use the Direct Link to update SketchUp and Unreal Engine scenes at the same time.

We go on to explain some built-in lighting options using HDRI backdrops to give scenes realistic lighting, before finally looking at how to take a high-resolution image of your scene or create an interactive walkthrough.

Animation Ecosystem for Game Development

Ready to tackle the animation systems in Unreal Engine? In this course, you’ll learn how to import, retarget, and trim animations for use in the State Machine. Then, we’ll use Blendspaces to blend animations and Blendspace Analysis to fix issues like foot sliding.

We’ll also explore using sockets to attach items to a Control Rig; using Animation Montage Slots to override animation; and how to edit existing animations with Control Rig and Sequencer, before finally baking out (all without having to leave Unreal Engine!).

Virtual Puppeteering and Input-Based Animation

Learn how to build a digital puppet that can perform using just a controller. We create the puppet using a Skeletal Mesh, Control Rig, input-based slider controls, and an animation Blueprint before looking at how to use Take Recorder and Sequencer to record multiple puppets in one scene.

VCam Actor Quick Start using Pixel Streaming

Unreal Engine 5.1 brought a whole bunch of updates to the Live Link VCam app, making it more flexible when controlling virtual cameras in the engine via your tablet or phone. Check out this quick tutorial on how to set up a VCam Actor in Unreal Engine 5.1 and connect it to the Updated Live Link VCam App using Pixel Streaming.

Creating a Dynamic Custom Tool Panel

Structures, Editor Utility Widgets, and Data Tables can be combined to create a variety of different artist and developer tools. In this tutorial, we explore how to bring these elements together to create a tool palette with buttons that can execute Python scripts.

Upgrading your project to use Enhanced Input

Learn how to upgrade your existing Unreal Engine project to utilize the new Enhanced Input plugin. The Enhanced Input plugin gives developers an easy upgrade path and backward compatibility with the engine's default input system. This plugin implements features like radial dead zones, chorded actions, contextual input and prioritization, and the ability to extend your own filtering and processing of raw input data in an asset-based environment.

That’s all for now! There are new courses added to the Epic Developer Community every month. They’re free—and many relate to in-demand skills that can get you work or advance your career.

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