Unreal Engine at VRLA Winter Expo

By Chance Ivey

Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA) is hosting the VRLA Winter Expo on January 23rd at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and the Unreal Engine team will be there alongside other experts in the virtual reality space. Come hear talks from the team and get your hands on Bullet Train, our action-packed VR demo utilizing the new Oculus Touch controllers. Here are the details: 


Talks and Panels

Interaction and Motion Controllers
1:30 to 2:30pm - Nick Whiting, Senior Programmer - Theater 1

Panel: Active VR: Enabling First-Person Shooters and Exploration in VR
2:00pm to 3:00pm - Ray Davis, Seattle Studio Manager - Theater 2


Bullet Train 
All Day - The Unreal Engine Booth - Petree Hall

Going to be at the show? Secure your slot to play Bullet Train using the Guidebook app for iOS and Android devices. The VRLA listing will be live on the Guidebook app shortly. Come visit us at the booth and say hi!

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