Unreal Engine at G-STAR 2015

By Sunhee Yu

G-STAR Game Show & Trade All Round is the largest Korean Game Exhibition; every year, the show attracts around 200,000 people. This year Epic Games Korea participated at GSTAR 2015 as a B2B exhibitor on a larger scale than previous years.

Epic Games Korea showcased UE4 on the floor and had several UE experts on hand to answer questions. We also offered demo pods to five developers, ranging from small to large, so that they could showcase UE3 and UE4 games; read on for their stories.

Unreal Engine at G-STAR 2015

Blade by ActionSquare

Blade is the first UE3 mobile Action RPG game in Korea. It features beautiful graphics, a sense of strike and spectacular actions. In just 8 months, the game earned 100 million dollars, 5 million downloads and won the President’s Game Award Korea 2014. The team also had a preview trailer of their next game in development, Samkuk Blade, which attracted a lot of attention.

G-STAR 2015

H.I.T(Heores of Incredible Tales) by Nat Games

H.I.T is the first UE4 mobile SPRG that guarantees fantastic full 3D graphics and superb actions. It is developed by Yonghyun Park who was a creator on Lineage 2, Tera and many other games. H.I.T has several play modes including an Adventure Mode based on the games story, Free Fight for up to 6 people, a Real-Time Boss Raid system and more. H.I.T placed first on both the App Store and Google Play Store within a day. It is becoming as huge a hit as its name!

Dicetiny by Fakedice

Dicetiny is a stylized PC board game with a fancy card RPG system. You instantly become a fan of this game with its sense of humour sandwiched between fantasty and popular culture. It is now available on Steam on early access, with a full release expected within the first half of 2016.

Unreal Engine at G-STAR 2015

Heroes of Fortune by Dotomchi Games

Heroes of Fortune by Dotomchi Games is the 8th episode of the Fortune Chronicle series, and for the first time will be in 3D and on console. You can make a team from 25 characters to adventure in endless dungeons, Meteor Dragon and the secret of Ether. The Battle Macro system, which was well received in the previous episode, is back and has been advanced. Heroes of Fortune is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2016.

Heroes Genesis by StudioG9

For the second year running, StudioG9 presented their game, Heroes Genesis, at the Epic booth. Since its last showcase, the game has matured, drawing attention from publishers for its astonishing graphics and gameplay during the show. We hope to see it in the first half of 2016 as planned.

Lots of folks stopped by and hung out with us at the booth. It was great to see all of these awesome developers and we were inspired by all the great work we saw.

Thank you very much to everyone who participated. We hope to see more UE4 based games next year!

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