Unreal Engine 4.26 Preview 1 now available

By Amanda Schade |
September 24, 2020
UPDATE: 4.26 Preview 2 is now available
Experience the latest features coming to Unreal Engine with Unreal Engine 4.26 Preview 1—available now. 

Test drive the Chaos Physics and Destruction System—the now default physics system—and take the new experimental Chaos Vehicle system for a spin. Virtual production pipelines also receive a boost with added movie render queue controls, Sequencer updates, and DMX improvements. If that’s not enough, check out the brand-new water system, the Chaos Ragdoll system (beta), production-ready hair and fur, and more!

Ready to get started? Open the Epic Games launcher and head over to your Library under the Unreal Engine tab. Then, click the "plus" icon next to Engine Versions and choose 4.26 Preview 1.
4 26 Preview1 Body01

Remember, Previews provide a sample of what will be included in the full release and are not production-ready. Please use copies of your projects when testing the Previews, and wait for the final 4.26 release before updating to the new engine version.

Vist the Unreal Engine 4.26 Preview thread for a complete list of updates included in 4.26 Preview 1, where we invite you to provide feedback on this Preview and subsequent releases.

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