November 6, 2019

Unreal Engine 4.24 Preview 1 now available

By Amanda Schade

Unreal Engine 4.24 is on the road to release and Preview 1 is available now on the Epic Games launcher. 

Download Preview 1 today to experience the new project creation workflow, which provides tailored paths, whether you’re making a game, architectural visualization, content for film and television, and so forth. Check out updates to Pixel Streaming and ray tracing, and test the new AutoSDK and BuildAgent developer tools. Try out Beta features such as Landscape Blueprint Brushes, the Landmass plugin, updated Material Layers, and the OpenXR plugin.

Hop over to the 4.24 Preview 1 thread on the Unreal Engine forums to see a complete list of updates. We invite you to provide feedback on this Preview and subsequent releases in the respective thread.

Want to test Unreal Engine 4.24 Preview 1? Head to your Library on the Epic Games launcher under the Unreal Engine tab, select “Add Versions”, and choose 4.24 Preview 1.
Please remember that Previews are intended only to provide a first look of what will be included in the full release, and they are not production-ready, so be sure to use copies of your projects to test new features. We encourage you to wait for the final 4.24 release before updating your projects to the new engine version.