June 2, 2014

UE4 “Zen Garden” Using Metal API for iOS 8 Revealed at WWDC

By Josh Adams

Today at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced Metal, a new low-level rendering API designed to dramatically improve the CPU efficiency of rendering on iOS devices.

Tim Sweeney and I were on-stage to talk about the experience we at Epic Games have had working with Metal, and to show Zen Garden -- a beautiful environment built in Unreal Engine 4 to demonstrate the  kinds of vibrant dynamic scenes and enormous vistas made possible by Metal's order-of-magnitude increases in efficiency.

To see the demonstration, watch Apple's WWDC keynote and jump to (99:32) for the unveiling of Metal.

We are very excited about the new levels of graphical quality and efficiency made possible by Metal, and will be making Zen Garden available in the App Store after iOS 8's public release, as well as making the Metal code in Unreal Engine 4 available at an appropriate time after the beta access NDAs are lifted.

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