November 6, 2017

UE4 Plugin for Google’s New Resonance Audio SDK Released

By Daniel Kayser

Today, Google is releasing a new spatial audio software development kit (SDK) called Resonance Audio for mobile and desktop, delivering rich 3D sound, at scale. 

In addition, Google has taken advantage of the new UE4 Audio Engine plugin architecture to also announce the release of a UE4 plugin for Resonance Audio, which can be downloaded here.


“We’re excited about Resonance Audio because it uses 3rd order ambisonics to significantly reduce the amount of computational complexity required to binaurally spatialize many high fidelity 3D sound sources at once,” said Sr. Audio Programmer Aaron McLeran. “It also features an early reflection reverberation model, direct sound propagation, sound source spread, and directivity shaping. This will allow VR, AR, and gaming applications on mobile and desktop platforms to render more high-quality spatial audio than ever before.”

For more information about the plugin and the SDK, visit the Resonance Audio page on Google’s developer website.