UE Marketplace Halloween Sale Announced

By Adam Davis

Welcome everyone, to the Unreal Engine Marketplace Halloween Sale! If your game needs gore, blood, or howling screams, we have you covered! From now thru November 1st at 10am EST, we’ll have a great selection of monsters and mayhem to fit your needs. So, take advantage of the amazing deals to amp up your projects and terrify your players by visiting the Marketplace today.

Horror Game Starter Kit - Sores Hatipoglu

Classic Survival Horror Camera System - InnerVision Software

Bloodworks - Black Works

MX-Survival Horror Volume 1 - yellaUmbrella Music

Cinematic Hybrids Music Collection - Taylor Brook Music

Dark Science Fiction Music Pack - Sam Hardman

Just Metal - Scrapes and Scratches (Small Pack) - Saro Sahihi

Just Chains - Saro Sahihi

Screams and Shouts (Full library) - Saro Sahihi

Just Gore (Small Pack) - Saro Sahihi

Creepy Organics - Octopus X

200+ Grunge Decals - TextureMax

Skeleton Character Pack - Mordragos

Monsters Pack Vol 1 - PROTOFACTOR INC.


Animals: Spider - GiM

Birds - Richard Starke

Horror Hospital Pack - Mad-Man

Abandoned Manor - Mad-Man

Mothership Service Rooms - Mad-Man

Forgotten Hotel - Infuse Studio

Scavenger's Loot Pack - Michal Orzelek

Human Internal Organs - unlim3d

Zombie Melee Weapons - Jeong Seong Kyo

Horror Music Vol. I - T.I.D.N.Music

Out Of The Mist Music Pack - Craig Dodge

Ancient Cemetery Props - Sharur

Survival Gear - morganmcd

Abandoned Hospital Pack - Hardsuit Labs

Morgue Props - Game-Ready

If you are interested in becoming a content creator for the marketplace, then check out our Submission Guidelines and head to the Seller Profile page to get started.

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