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Twinmotion is now free for BricsCAD users

Ross Hogben
Archviz tool Twinmotion has a reputation for being fast and easy to use. This ease of use doesn’t just apply to workflows within the tool itself, however. Direct one-click synchronization with popular CAD software packages enables architects to go from the design tools they love to super-fast rendering in Twinmotion in seconds.

The idea is to break down the barriers that have sometimes existed between CAD and rendering software, freeing up AEC professionals to work the way they want in a smooth and seamless way. 

Continuing with this open ethos, Epic Games is pleased to announce that Twinmotion has joined forces with engineering design software provider Bricsys, providing BricsCAD BIM users access to Twinmotion for free.
Project by Luc Van Gysel for Woonbureau

Seamless CAD and BIM rendering 

With this new partnership, BricsCAD BIM and Twinmotion deliver high-quality rendering capabilities for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), urban planning, and landscaping professionals. 

BricsCAD BIM users can take their BIM and CAD models and transform them into detailed and compelling environments as high-quality images, panoramas, standard or 360-degree videos, and VR experiences.
Project by Luc Van Gysel for Woonbureau
The connection between the two tools means BricsCAD and Twinmotion models stay synchronized in real time, enabling users to edit their models, make design decisions on the fly, and better visualize a project’s phases. 

A new world of immersive experiences and virtual collaboration is now open to BricsCAD users, empowering them to tell a story, explore options, and create compelling design experiences in real time.

A fast archviz workflow

It’s an exciting time for architectural visualization professionals using BricsCAD BIM. To see this new workflow in action, register for the upcoming Bricsys webinar Bricsys x Twinmotion: Immersive 3D visualization in BricsCAD BIM on November 30.

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