The Broadcast and Live Events Field Guide: a resource for real-time production teams

Audiences now expect more than ever from live concerts, sports and esports events, live installations, and news programs—they want to feel that they’re part of something special. Many studios have discovered that real-time technology is helping them engage audiences in that very personal way.

The Broadcast and Live Events Field Guide explores several avenues for creating engaging content that immerses each audience member in a unique experience, one that they’ll remember (and talk about!) for years to come.

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Engage and interact with audiences by integrating real-time graphics into your productions.
Live experiences are powerful—whether it’s watching a live sporting event via broadcast or pushing to the front of a crowd at a concert, it is seeing events unfold before you that makes you feel part of them. When you add an interactive element that dynamically adapts to what’s happening before you, you feel closer to the story.

Broadcast and live events have always been about innovation, experimentation, and working with the cutting edge. Nowadays, savvy studios are adopting Unreal Engine to produce live, interactive experiences that generate buzz and keep audiences coming back for more.

In The Broadcast and Live Events Field Guide, find out how key players like Moment Factory, The Famous Group, The Weather Channel, and many others are embracing real-time technology as a way to push content to new heights, and get tips on firing up your own projects with Unreal Engine.

    The Broadcast and Live Events Field Guide

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