December 5, 2017

The 2017 Epic MegaJam Results Are In

By Amanda Bott

What an incredible jam! We had a record-breaking 279 game submissions, with more than 700 developers in participation. It’s inspiring to see the amount of innovation and talent that shines through in all the games from our community.


The Epic MegaJam began on November 2nd with the announcement of the theme; ‘However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.’ Over the next seven days, a diverse range of creations emerged: games in which you avoid krakens in the night, give hugs to bring back joy to your neighbors, or travel between 3D light and 2D dark worlds. Many teams even documented their ongoing development via Twitter, allowing everyone to see their progression from concepts, to prototypes, to their final submissions.


Plenty more to see using #ue4jam!

All that hard work resulted in many outstanding games and we had a blast playing through all of the submissions. And lucky for you, all the games are posted on the announcement thread, where you can download and play them as well! 

It was a challenge to narrow down to a short list of winners and we’d like to congratulate all those who participated. As we played through all of the submissions, our judges were tasked with selecting three overall winners and three special category winners who the Epic MegaJam prizes would be divided amongst. And without further ado, the 2017 Epic MegaJam results:

Overall Winners

Team Spectrum - ASSIMILATION


Beard Envy - Filament


AnnieNation - Light Bearers (Direct Download)


Special Category Winners

Something, Something Reality: Ray the Robot - Matthew Palaje


Best Cinematic: CaveBoy - Jisan


Army of One: Bureau of Happiness - Succubi in Hats


Once again, the high-quality and imaginative projects that the community creates is beyond impressive and we look forward to seeing your future endeavors.

Want to learn more about the winners? Check out the livestream of the Epic MegaJam results for our playthroughs of the winning games!

Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors, without whom we wouldn’t be able to offer fantastic resources and prizes to our jammers: Intel Software, Falcon Northwest, SideFX, Allegorithmic, Assembla, IKinema, SpeedTree, GameTextures,, Panda Dev Studios, and Blue Man

Thank you again to all those who participated, making this our biggest #ue4jam yet! We hope you learned a lot and enjoyed the fruits of your labor as much as we did. Make sure to keep an eye on @UnrealEngine and #ue4jam for ongoing Unreal Engine updates and information about the next big event!