Take your first steps into virtual production with Unreal Connectors

Real-time production skills are not only one of the most in-demand skill sets in film and TV right now, they’re rapidly changing what everyone needs to know on set. Processes that used to be reserved for post are now being tweaked and debated in the moment, putting new demands on teams shooting for final pixel.

If you are tapped into the many positions affected by virtual production, you’re in luck. On the job training is already helping you figure out what works and doesn’t. But what if you don’t have access to these moments yet, or are someone who just wants to learn the basics of how immersive storytelling works so you can make better decisions about your project?

Meet Unreal Connectors: Storytelling!

Unreal Connectors is the first micro-credentialing program dedicated to teaching people the fundamentals of immersive storytelling—in as little as five weeks.

This new field-tested course is taught exclusively through Unreal Authorized Training Partners, and covers the same techniques active VFX artists use every day on their virtual productions, helping artists, directors, and more start new careers and become more versed in an evolving practice.

Connectors’ classes feature live labs, industry experts, hands-on projects, and the type of guided training that will help professionals level up fast, as they work towards creating their own short sequence. On the way there, they’ll learn some of the key storytelling processes driving VP including:
  • General workflows
  • Optimization and ingestion
  • Lighting and materials 
  • Animation tools
  • Remote mocap
  • Sequence construction

Unreal Connectors courses are now running around the globe. Sign up now to kickstart the next phase of your career!

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