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Linda Sellheim
There’s never been a more exciting and empowering time to be a creator. Jobs are changing and new careers are emerging in every industry, powered by new technological advancements. 

Real-time technology is one of the innovations set to transform the world we live in. Interactive 3D powers the games we play, the movies we watch, and the virtual worlds we spend our time in. The tools that drive Fortnite also help architects visualize buildings before they’re built and surgeons simulate a difficult procedure before they ever touch a patient.

In the future, interactive 3D will further enrich how we design, innovate, and communicate. It will transform entire industries and even our economies. In this new world, everyone is a creator and anything is possible. Want to be a part of it?
Learning Unreal Engine and interactive 3D skills puts you at the forefront of technical innovation and artistry, equipping you for the exciting jobs of tomorrow. Unreal Futures is a new learning series in which beginners can learn hands-on from top industry professionals and create a project in Unreal Engine.

We’ve partnered with experts from companies that are leaders in their field, providing a unique opportunity to learn from the best. This series gives students a glimpse into the interactive 3D industry, demonstrates how Unreal Engine works, and creates an engaging experience that simulates an exciting real-world project.

Who is this for?

This learning series is intended for beginners and students who are brand new to Unreal Engine and looking to create their first real-world project.

What’s included?

Each learning pathway includes:
  • An industry overview video
  • Project tutorials
  • Free Marketplace assets
  • Career advice video
  • Student guide and careers guide
  • Teacher guide

The learning experience can be self-driven or facilitated by teachers or parents in the classroom, after school, or in a home-learning setting.

What will students learn?

The lesson assets are designed to be easy to use and “lighter” in size than professional projects, while providing an accurate example of what the real-world project is. At the end of the learning experience, students will have their very own Unreal Engine project that they can use for their portfolios.
Image courtesy of ISART Digital

Be at the forefront of technical innovation

Over the past 50 years, many jobs that were once commonplace have all but disappeared. With technology developing at such a rapid pace, it can be hard to assess which careers will still be around in 10 years, let alone the next 50. 

So, is 3D design a good career choice? Well, according to Burning Glass, new and emerging careers are being created at a phenomenal pace. In fact, jobs that require real-time 3D skills are growing 601% faster than the job market overall.

What’s more, these skills are increasingly required beyond game development. 3D design careers can open doors to industries as diverse as film and television, architecture, automotive, aerospace, and more.

As real-time technology becomes embedded across companies and industries, new job roles and job titles are appearing. Hired’s 2020 Report on software engineering jobs found that AR/VR engineer is now the fastest growing software engineering role—growing 1400% faster than other engineer roles.
Image courtesy of Viktoria Didenko, Gnomon School of Visual Effects
The demand for immersive content is only going to grow, opening up a whole world of new career options as it does. If you’re interested in these trends, you can find out more about them in our free Creator’s Field Guide to Emerging Careers in Interactive 3D.

With Unreal Futures, students will get access to real-life projects created by industry leaders in advertising, aerospace, fashion design, and other industries using Unreal Engine. This new learning series will prepare students for the new world and provide them with projects for their portfolios.
Image courtesy of Pawel Rymsza

How do I get started?

You’ll be able to access all of this learning content on-demand through Unreal Online Learning. Don’t miss the first installment: Unreal Futures: Careers in Advertising. This pathway will provide you with the tools necessary to understand where the advertising industry is heading and how to create your first 3D advertisement in Unreal Engine.

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