Spring Creator Sale 2024: Up to 70% off on thousands of products

Sci Fi Heavy Bot | Dspazio
April 11, 2024
The birds are singing, the flowers are in bloom…it’s time for our big Spring Creator Sale.

Get up to 70% off thousands of products from the Unreal Engine Marketplace, ArtStation Marketplace, and Sketchfab until April 18.

We’ve picked out a few of our personal favorites below, but there’s loads more to explore—so get stuck in and nab yourself some bargains.
Stepping straight out of your wildest robotic engineering dreams, this ultra-detailed character is the perfect fit for sci-fi themed projects. With 96k tris of pure brute force waiting to be unleashed, along with 4k textures and an advanced material graph, this machine will hold up in even the most graphically intensive scenarios—first-person view, third-person, 4K, 8K…you name it.
Drop an unexpected shady paradise into arid landscapes with this high-quality pack of desert oasis props. A great choice for AAA-quality projects and those with a focus on optimization and performance, it includes 41 meshes and 94 textures as well as a demo scene with lighting setup and example layout for the environment.
Buckle up…this advanced driveable car system provides everything you need to bring high-octane driving to your games. It includes a range of hatchback, sedan, and SUV vehicles with additional skins, along with car physics, damage, and deformation; drift sound and marks; enter/exit animations; surface detection, and much more.
The sky’s the limit with this richly detailed and textured steampunk-style airship. A perfect prop for fantasy games, this high-quality 3D model includes a mechanical crane animation and consists of 30 textures and 12 materials. It even comes with an intricate iron cannon and clever details like a fishing hatch in the hull.
Round one…fight!  A great addition to your roster of fighters for classic fighting games, this high-quality 3D model of a mean-looking martial arts expert comes with a selection of essential fighting animations including attack, block, crouch, jump, and more
Floating eerily through the deep blue like a visitor from another planet, this high-quality 3D model of a Purple-striped Jellyfish will fit right into the fauna of submarine environments. Comes with a selection of realistic billowing animations. 
Pinus Thunbergii, also known as Japanese black pine, is a tree native to coastal areas of Japan and South Korea that grows to between 20 and 60 feet tall. This pack of two exquisitely detailed 3D model trees is in real-world scale and has been optimized for closeup and distant views. A great addition to any garden, arboretum, or forest.
Get ready to have your world rocked. This pack of 16 rock brushes will enable you to manually sculpt a wide variety of rock formations in Zbrush from scratch. Use them to craft an endless variety of rock, terrain, and ground patterns for 3D environments, landscapes, game models, concept art, modular assets, or illustrations.
From gothic stained-glass windows to intricate detailing on medieval silver ornaments, the Substance Painter Ornament Path Tool brush enables you to bring a flourish to your 3D assets. The pack comes with 106 ornament and trim ornament brushes along with a guide that will teach you how to customize your own brushes.
That’s it for now, and remember the discounts end on April 18 at 9:59 AM EDT.

Happy shopping!