Something old, something new at Unreal Online Learning

This month’s new courses at Unreal Online Learning span the old and the new. 2D classic games never go out of style, and we’ve got a course on how to use the 2D paper plugin to make your own. We’ve also got three courses on virtual production, spanning from character animation to ray traced lighting for real-time film production. Check out the courses and bring your skills to the next level, all for free!

Getting Started With Your Paper 2D Project

This course explores Unreal Engine's 2D tools with a look at the Paper 2D plugin, and provides a practical demonstration of how to use them to create a classic 2D platform game.

Live Link for Performance Capture

In this course, you’ll learn how to stream live character performances into Unreal Engine for virtual production.

Animation for Virtual Production

In this course, you’ll learn the process of animating characters for virtual production in Unreal Engine from end to end—without the need to jump in and out of DCC applications. 

Ray-Traced Cinematic Lighting for Interiors

In this course, you’ll explore real-time ray-tracing for virtual production cinematography. Learn how to use ray traced lighting to emulate real-world cinematic lighting principles for interior scenes.

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