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Six-week cinematics: watch the Unreal Fellowship 2022 sizzle reel

When you begin learning a new tool, the days of hovering humans, interdimensional meetings, and anime angels can seem far off. And yet, these pros got there in a matter of weeks!

Creating a full cinematic might seem daunting at first, but the Unreal Fellowship: Storytelling class just leaned into the Epic Ecosystem, tapping MetaHumans, Megascans, the UE Marketplace, and more depending on the needs of their own narrative. And what came out was dazzling.

Today, we are pleased to showcase some of that work in this new sizzle reel. See some of our favorite clips below, or check out our sci-fi shorts recap for some full videos.

And for anyone that’s currently saying, “But hey, I want to do that!” at this point. Try our Unreal Connectors program.

Like the Fellowship, it’s designed to help artists re-skill themselves in real-time technology so they can create content, become more marketable, and easily converse about virtual production.

It’s also the first micro-credentialing program of its kind that covers the storytelling, workflows, and techniques of essential virtual production processes, including: fundamentals and workflow; optimization and ingestion; animation tools; remote mocap; and sequence construction.

So if that sounds like your next journey, follow the link below. It’ll take you to a page where you can find the right Unreal Academic Partner/Authorized Training Center for you. Good luck!

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