May 30, 2014

Seen and Heard in the Forums

By Adam Davis

There is a lot of amazing content being posted to the forums every single day by our users. We wanted to take the time to highlight some of these works! From interesting to inspirational, these threads show off the hard work our users put into their craft.

What do you expect from Stealth Games? (forum post)

Staruwos2 has provided a glimpse into the latest project by Torch Games, RUN. The team has asked the community what they want from stealth games.

Abducted – Greenlit on Steam (forum post)

Zoid from Sunside Games has released a sneak peek at their latest project, Abducted. The screenshot teasers leave us craving for more!

Environment Work (forum post)

RyanWatkins shows off the power of the Landscape editor as he has pieced together an amazing mountainous terrain. His eye for detail and aesthetics has crafted a wholly unique look that draws our attention.

Luos’ Particle Showcase (forum post)

Luos has created some absolutely amazing particles and is teaching other people how to take the Cascade VFX editor to new heights! Luos pulled out all of the stops when he set up this collection.

Nelo. A game by Magic & Mirrors (forum post)

Narlyteeth from developer Magic & Mirrors has posted a sneak peek at the wild game they are creating called Nelo. It’s built using Blueprints! The lesson this fast-paced third-person to top down shooter teaches us: The only thing better than aliens with a gun is a super-fast alien with four.

[Tutorial] Quick Time-of-Day Setup (forum post)

Gregdumb has released a time-of-day tutorial to allow users to create day-night cycles through blueprints! Check out the tutorial or watch the video results down the page to see a great transition for users to have a smooth time of day.

UE4 Rollercoaster (Oculus Support) (forum post)

Teddy0 has put together an amazing UE4 Rollercoaster VR demo! Check out the twists and turns as he flies through the Realistic Rendering apartment, and see how he did it with his Rollercoaster plugin.

Volcano for kid’s science class (forum post)

The son of OscarMcFatty was tasked with creating a volcano for his fifth grade project. Not content with phoning it in, this awesome father helped him create something extraordinary. How many kids can say that their parents design games?

Layered Car Paint Shader (forum post)

Stimpanzee has built a Car Paint Shader that is out of this world! The quality he achieves with materials shows off high-quality real-time reflections.

Pure Minigolf (forum post)

DasMatze has created a quirky mini-golf game which shines a light on the diversity of Unreal Engine technology.

These are just a few UE4 projects that have caught our attention lately. Did we miss something awesome or interesting? Do you have a thread you think should be highlighted? Let us know here!