See the top shorts from India’s Women Creators Program

Earlier this year, we launched the Women Creators Program with ASIFA India and saw a wonderful response from VFX professionals and producers who wanted to take part in this four-week course. Like the Unreal Fellowship, the goal was to get the next generation of real-time animators off the ground with in-depth training. Only this time, the focus was on women in India, home to one of the fastest-growing artist hubs in the world.
Over four weeks, 20 artists met with former Unreal Fellowship graduates and Unreal Engine evangelists for one-on-one mentoring and virtual workshops, as they learned the latest techniques in real-time world building, lighting, sequencing, and virtual production using cloud-driven virtual machines.

Today, we debut their work.
As part of the course, each person was asked to create a short film to put their new skills into practice, using the theme of ‘fusion,' and leveraging MetaHuman Creator’s high-fidelity digital human tool. You’ll find the top six below. And while you watch, remember that each of these was created in only four weeks. Congrats to all of the artists who participated in the Women Creators Program—you’re amazing!

Gayatri Rao: UGAM

Fusing 2D animation with 3D, and Carnatic classical music with rock, Gayatri Rao’s film captures the birth of the Kaveri, one of India’s seven holy rivers. Legend has it that Kaveri shed her physical state to bring water to Southern India, an act that still sees her worshipped as a goddess today.

Nida Arshia: MIRROR

Nida Arshia’s work is a poetic encapsulation of the chaos of our time and how individual actions not only matter, but have a direct influence on the world around them—in both positive and negative ways.

Pragti Wadhwa: AIKYAM

Pragti Wadhwa’s Aikyam tells the story of fusion through ‘Ardhanarishvara,’ a coming together of Shiva and Parvati that established harmony in the world.

Pratima Pal: POSITIVE

Against the background of a mother who is COVID-19 positive, Pratima Pal’s ‘Positive’ highlights the duality of emotion we go through during uncertain times.


Ria Banerjee’s film highlights the fusion of art and technology, as one woman discovers who is really preserving the past at a local handicrafts store.

Raunak Magoo: YELLOW

Yellow captures the story of world-famous painter Vincent Van Gogh through one of his most celebrated works, Starry Night.

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