Jessica Tan | Uninhabitable

See the top short films from the Women Creators Program 2022

Back in May, we launched the second edition of our Women Creators Program, welcoming creators from across India and Southeast Asia. The initiative, in partnership with Open Air Films, ASIFA India and Perforce Software provided women producers with an in-depth training and mentoring program. Like last year, the applications were overflowing with qualified candidates, leaving us wringing our hands a bit over who to choose.

Twenty-one finalists made the cut and began a six-week mentorship program that saw them working through everything from previsualization to world-building with the help of Unreal Fellowship graduates.

If you’ve ever seen one of these recaps before, you know what comes next. With a few weeks and the right teachers, 3D artists never disappoint. This class is no exception and turned in 13 wonderful shorts that are brimming with the type of ideas, aesthetics, and cultural nods that make creativity so personal and compelling.

You can see all of these shorts below, and a big congrats to all of the creators!


It’s a moment we all dread, when we’re out for dinner with friends and the bill arrives. Cue an awkward back and forth in which everyone feels they should offer to pay. Aadya Raj’s film uses one such encounter as the springboard for a superbly animated sequence that recalls Bollywood cinema at its best.

Bhavpreet Ghai: METAFASHION

What will fashion shows look like when the metaverse takes over? Unreal Engine’s advanced lighting capabilities proved to be a great fit for Bhavpreet Ghai’s interesting take on this very question.


Jessica Tan uses Unreal Engine’s powerful capabilities to create a visually stunning and sobering warning on the effects of climate change. You won’t forget some of this imagery in a hurry, but then, that’s kind of the point.

Vishakha Bardoloi: WITHINN

You might want to watch this film with the lights on. Vishakha Bardoloi utilizes a whole bunch of Unreal Engine tricks to tell a story of those trapped within a home, and give us the heebie-jeebies in the process.

Geethika Dayala: SAMHARAKA

Just in case you were in any doubt about the fact that Unreal Engine can create any kind of story imaginable, Geethika Dayala uses it to bring us a film about the rebirth of a Hindu god in times of unrighteousness.


A symphonic and surreal journey that only Unreal Engine could help create in such a short space of time, Ritika Bose’s film unfolds like the wildest, most psychedelic music video we’ve ever seen.

Mursal Alemi: GAZE

Breathtaking environment shots, emotive close-ups, and fiery effects all combine in Mursal Alemi’s harrowing tale of destruction. A timely reminder of the cruelty endured by some cultures around the world.


What if you could step into the shoes of millions of women all around the world? Well, with Aysha Ali’s thought-provoking film you can. This is a prime example of using Unreal Engine to spread an important message.

Bhumika Thakuria: METAMORPHOSIS

Bhumika Thakuria busts out some serious animation skills in this film, creating cathartic and infectious dance sequences against stunningly rendered backdrops.


Cats get the upper paw on animal cruelty in this film by Ellen Xie. With great camera work, kinetic animation, and a raft of Unreal Engine tools, she crafts a cautionary tale for anyone that mistreats their pets.

Sri keerthi: HOPE

It’s been a rough couple of years on Planet Earth. Sri Keerthi’s film uses sweeping camera work and charming environment to remind us that hope conquers all.


Everyone’s got to pay the bills somehow, unfortunately for most of us it’s nowhere near as exciting as it is for the hero’s of this retrowave film by Serena Dhillon. We already want to see more of this neon-soaked world.

Vrinda Sood: DESERT ROSE

With a unique art style, thrilling action, smooth animation, atmospheric lighting, and more, Vrinda Sood’s film feels like the trailer for a Hollywood movie. It’s a relatable story of alienation set against the stunningly cinematic backdrop of the desert.

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