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See the Fall 2021 Student Showcase now

Last July, we asked students around the world to submit their best work to our Student Showcase. In less than two months, we were overwhelmed by the quantity—and the quality—of the work. Imagine going through hundreds of gold bars and being asked to pick the “good one.” It’s not easy.

For those who don’t know, this bi-annual reel represents some of the best projects we see created in Unreal Engine every year by non-professional artists. Any university student is welcome to submit. The Student Showcase is a great way for students to break into industries like film, games, architecture, and automotive, as they get their real-time work in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

This particular showcase features projects from Bournemouth University, HAL Tokyo, New3dge, Oxford, and more, and is truly one of the best yet. So if you like incredible spaceship crashes, angry dragons, sci-fi bouts, and nail-biting fight scenes, you might want to strap in. These students are going to take you there.
Image courtesy of Jean-Philippe Perrault

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