Robo Recall

Robo Recall Localized and Released for Korean, German, French and Spanish Players

By Daniel Kayser

A new localization update to Robo Recall, Epic’s action-packed first-person shooter for Oculus Touch, has been released. The update delivers custom voice over in German, Spanish, French and Korean alongside translated UI, menu and other graphic elements, such as the in-game Holo table and scoring events.


“Players have been blowing up the Robo Recall leaderboards since launch and we are now excited to see a localized version released for even more players in European and Asian markets,” said producer Tommy Jacob.

If you’re new to Robo Recall, there’s never been a better time to dive in. The game is free for all Oculus Touch owners and includes the major post-launch update that brings 360 degree tracking and a slew of improvements to the game.

Remember, the Robo Recall Mod Kit (which includes source code for the entire game!) and the official soundtrack are also available now.



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