October 31, 2019

Registrations for the 2019 Epic MegaJam are now open!

By Victor Brodin

Featuring more award categories and prizes than ever before, the 2019 Epic MegaJam is sure to be our biggest jam yet!

The 2019 Epic MegaJam will take place between November 14 through November 21, and we invite all Unreal Engine developers to participate. Details, resources, award categories, prizes, and registration can be found on the official Epic MegaJam Itch.io page.
Over the past five years, thousands of games have been developed, packaged, and played by people around the world. We look forward to playing all of your games again. Happy developing and good luck!

A big shoutout to our amazing sponsors who provides the finalists and the modifier category winners with prizes: Intel Software, Falcon Northwest, Assembla, Dekogon, DXRacer, Gametextures.com, Gokhan Karadayi, IGDA, Lenovo, SideFX, SilverTM, Soundly, Project NatureQuixel, WholeTomato.

We’d like to thank all the previous participants and sponsors, and we hope that you’ll have another memorable and creative experience.