Registration for the 2020 Epic MegaJam is officially open!

By Victor Brodin |
November 16, 2020
Stock up on your favorite beverage, load the fridge with tasty snacks, and get ready to press play, because it’s time to prepare for the 2020 Epic MegaJam

Unreal game jams are a tradition as old as Unreal Engine 4 itself, and after six years and thousands of games later—we’re excited to bring you the latest Epic MegaJam.

Teams will have seven days to put the pedal to the metal and create a totally brand new game based on the given theme, which will be announced during our kickoff livestream. With seriously Epic prizes, returning fan-favorite special categories, and two new ones—the return of the MegaJam is sure to be jam-packed with fun. 
Running from December 4th through December 11th, make sure you check out the details, resources, rules, and prizes. And don’t forget to register over on the official 2020 Epic MegaJam page

Many thanks to our sponsors: Falcon Northwest Microsoft Intel Kitbash3d Assembla Sidefx Igda Wholetomato Rimaye Joegarth Drowningdragons

We love celebrating your hard work, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with. Happy jamming!

    Register on the official 2020 Epic MegaJam page:
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