RealityScan is now available for Android devices!

We’re pleased to announce that RealityScan is now available for Android as well as for iOS devices, putting this powerful, free-to-download photogrammetry application into the hands of almost anyone with a modern smartphone or tablet.

With RealityScan, you can create high-fidelity 3D models of objects just by taking multiple pictures of them with your phone or tablet—RealityScan will do the rest! Then, you can export them to Sketchfab to share with the rest of the world, or to download them for use in other applications like Unreal Engine or Twinmotion.
Exporting your models to Sketchfab is free. The number of models you can upload to your Sketchfab account per month depends on your Sketchfab plan, but you’ll automatically be upgraded to Sketchfab Pro for free for one year on your first upload.

Since we launched RealityScan as an iOS app last year, we’ve seen over 200,000 downloads, and many thousands of models created by the community and uploaded to Sketchfab.

The latest release of this application also offers a streamlined user interface and more intuitive workflows. These are just some of the improvements:
  • A new step-based workflow takes you through the scanning process, and you can always back up through the steps if you need to make changes.
  • You can easily find and delete unconnected images from the Project Library, and optionally add new ones to replace them.
  • You can directly open a preview of the final model as it will look in Sketchfab from the Project Library, thanks to an embedded Sketchfab viewer.
  • You can add and edit a name and description for the project, which will be automatically synchronized to Sketchfab.

RealityScan is available for Android phones and tablets supporting ARCore and running Android 7 (API level 24) or higher, and iPhones and iPads running iOS 16 or higher.

Ready to start creating? Download RealityScan for free today!

    Get RealityScan today!

    Create high-fidelity 3D models of objects just by taking multiple pictures of them with your Android or iOS phone or tablet. Download RealityScan for free from Google Play, the Galaxy Store, or the Apple Store today.

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