Project Titan has wrapped!

Check out some of the work
from this epic art jam

June 24, 2024
Project Titan has now wrapped! We’d like to extend huge congratulations to all the talented developers and artists who took part.

Over 1,400 people contributed to this epic collaborative art jam that saw more than 18,000 submissions made over the course of 10 weeks. Together, this giant team created a spectacular open world landscape, 64 square kilometers in size, comprising nine different biomes packed full of imaginative characters and assets. 

We saw around 200,000 files added and over 80 GB of assets uploaded, including 11,844 meshes, 7,493 textures, 200 skeletal meshes, 5,376 materials, and 189 Niagara particle systems. Needless to say, it was a monumental collective effort from all involved. 

Project Titan was designed to be an experimental, collaborative, and community-driven project that would provide a fun learning opportunity. Participants had the chance to learn from Unreal Engine and game industry experts, with feedback and help provided over the course of 56 training and feedback videos and 10 livestreams that covered different areas of game development.

The fruits of the team’s labor will be packaged up as a sample project that everyone can dive into and explore. Stay tuned—we’ll be announcing the release date of this open world sample soon. 

Calling all indie devs

From small studios to solo devs, Unreal Engine gives teams of every size the power and control to deliver games with the visual sophistication of big-studio titles.

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