Preview of Upcoming Hotfix

By Daniel Vogel

We released a preview of our upcoming hotfix that you can check out by visiting this thread on our forums.

The plan is to allow early adopters to give it a spin over the weekend to ensure we didn't mess things up, and then release it more broadly to everyone on Monday. *knocks on wood*

This hotfix rolls up all the previously released QFEs ("quick fix engineering", or quick one-off fixes we post links to on our forums to unblock folks) and is recommended for people that have a QFE installed and/or are comfortable with preview versions.

While the forum thread has the release notes for the hotfix, the below are broader details of issues we've addressed since launch.

  • fixed crash on startup for certain older GPUs
  • fixed crash on startup for certain older HW
  • fixed crash on startup on certain AMD CPUs / OS combinations
  • fixed engine failing to compile if a non-Pro version of Visual Studio pre-2013 is installed
  • fixed crash at startup with certain USB peripherals plugged in
  • fixed crash at startup on systems that have non-standard open files limit
  • fixed big performance issue w/ non-Intel GPUs
  • fixed crash on startup on certain AMD CPUs / OS combinations
  • fixed some users experiencing truncated Mac launcher DMG due to CDN misconfiguration
  • increased download time-out to work around downloads being stuck at ~80%
  • fixed memory leak in Mac launcher on first download of content
  • fixed content install infinitely restarting
  • fixed incorrect display of "subscribe" instead of "download failed. retry?"
  • added support for running launcher QFE’s independent of the engine
  • fixed launcher self-update not respecting initial command-line options
  • fixed crash when attempting to download after forcing install failure
  • fixed missing executable bit on some binaries causing crashes
  • fixed .gitignore not filtering out third party files or samples
  • fixed batch files having wrong line endings when source was downloaded from a zip file
  • fixed GitHub dependencies containing an old version of the Launcher installer
  • updated README with new information about Windows 8 and UAC
  • fixed attachment corruption bug due to filename conflicts
  • added ability to display whether a question is resolved or not
  • fixed login attempt limit based on IP using the load balancer IP, resulting in global lock
  • fixed locking folks out with display names less than 3 characters
  • fixed forum name filtering being inconsistent w/ display name one causing login failures
  • replaced faulty hardware responsible for our 30 minute forum outage
  • fixed the profanity filter being too @#$#@ sensitive
  • fixed sitemap not working properly, resulting in poor search engine indexing
  • fixed a few old broken links and redirects

This wouldn't have been possible without your feedback and we want to thank everyone for reaching out to us and patiently working with us on getting issues resolved!

While our QFEs and hotfixes are aimed at removing blockers, we're very eager to hear about your first impression with the engine and tools, and how we can improve them in the months to come!

The best way to share your feedback is via the forums, and we have a section dedicated to it here that we are actively and eagerly monitoring :-)

As a side note -- we've come across installation questions and issues related to 'alternate' ways to obtain the engine and tools. While this is not something we can support and/or address, I wanted to highlight that unless you obtain the engine and tools via our launcher or via GitHub to please verify that all the binaries are all signed by us to protect yourself from malware.

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