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Presenting the winners of the 2022 Epic MegaJam!

With 525+ game submissions and over 3,350 participants, the Epic MegaJam continues to grow both in terms of popularity and in the quality of awesome games submitted by dedicated participants.

Developers from across the globe put themselves to the test during our annual Epic MegaJam, in which participants in teams of up to five create a game in just seven days for a chance to showcase their skills, and be in for a chance to win some awesome prizes!
Unreal Engine Epic Megajam Anpi Team AnpiUnreal Engine Epic Megajam Aquaphobia The CodfatherUnreal Engine Epic Megajam Astraeus NGonsAreOkay
(left) Anpi - Team Anpi | (center) Aquaphobia - The Codfather | (right) Astraeus - NGonsAreOkay
Unreal Engine Epic Megajam Naughty Shark Gorka GamesUnreal Engine Epic Megajam CATastrophe Count JackulaUnreal Engine Epic Megajam Bilateral Team Rocket
(left) Naughty Shark - GorkaGames | (center) CATastophe - Count Jackula | (right) Bilateral - Team Rocket
Unreal Engine Epic Megajam Haunted Catviction GhostCatGamesUnreal Engine Epic Megajam GeodeNauts Team ZapUnreal Engine Epic Megajam GraveyardFarmer Atomic Apple
(left) Haunted Catviction - Ghost Cat Games | (center) GeodeNaughts - Zap | (right) Graveyard Farmer - Atomic Apple

This year's theme for the 2022 Epic MegaJam was “As Above, So Below,” exploring the notion of duality both literally and metaphorically; it gave us a great opportunity to see Behind These Eyes of participants minds, even if some were Reality Overdrive. The community has been nothing short of phenomenal, with hundreds of fantastic entries. We cannot wait to see what you all do next!

We also want to give a shout-out to our sponsors: Falcon Northwest, Intel, NVIDIA, KitBash3D, AWS Games, BOOM Library, WeLoveIndies, SideFX,, Incredibuild, Assembla, WholeTomato, ArtStation, Sketchfab, RamsterZ Animations, N-Hance Studio, Multiplayscape, Pack Dev, eelDev, Hyper Gaming and Development, Dary Palasky, and Craft Assets Studio. Thanks for supporting the community and helping us continue a tradition we all love.
Unreal Engine Epic Megajam EscapeFromShotoTower MempoUnreal Engine Epic Megajam Ubaste RESBUnreal Engine Epic Megajam Deep Blue Of Carbon
(Left) EscapeFromShotoTower - Mempo | (Center) Ubaste - RESB | (Right) Deep Blue - Of Carbon
Unreal Engine Epic Megajam Beyond The Unholy Grave ZhitostigUnreal Engine Epic Megajam Kybalion AmbersheeUnreal Engine Epic Megajam JellyQuest Vu Phan
(Left) Beyond The Unholy Grave - Zhitostig | (Center) Kybalion - Ambershee | (Right) JellyQuest - Vu Phan
Unreal Engine Epic Megajam Cult Of The Flying Frogs Sleepy Snek StudiosUnreal Engine Epic Megajam Vertigo Data7Unreal Engine Epic Megajam Moewenpick Sascha Wagentrotz
(Left) CultOfTheFlyingFrogs - SleepySnekStudios | (Center) Vertigo - Data7 | (Right) Moewenpick - Sascha Wagentrotz

But enough preamble—we know why you’re here: you want to see who won!
So without further ado, here are the winners of this year’s Epic MegaJam:

First Place: Fregward: Spirit Warden | Catfrog

Second Place: Beyond Outbreak | Beyond Outbreak

Third Place: Backstage Shenanigans | Backstage Crew

First Student Place: Jump Down, Fall Up |The Fantastic One-Man Band of the Traveling Doctor Ariel Quinteros

Second Student Place: Plighty Peasants | The Tiny Tugboats

And now for the winners of the Special Modifier categories…

Army of One: The ResT | Tashkas

Make Us Go WOW! Stylized: Backstage Shenanigans | Backstage Crew

Make Us Go WOW! Photoreal: Little Red Heart | Oximus Prime

Light It Up: Ant Ausventure | Dylan Browne

Audio Experience: Below Decks | JellyfishesAndMore

Multiplayer Elevation: My Game Is Your World | ACuriousTea

Fully Kitted: UpsideDrown | UpsideDrown

Procedural Magicians: Untethered! | Monocyte Games

Use It or Lose It: Was above, Fell below | Team Skurt

Tiny But Mighty: Fregward: Spirit Warden | Catfrog

The KitBasher: ÁLABASTARD | Point Link Force

Double Trouble: Rabbit Hole | Midnight Snack

Is This Real Life?: A5Ab0v350B3l0w | PsychicParrot

You can check out the full coverage of all the winners on the 2022 Epic MegaJam Results livestream.

The moment you have all been waiting for, the piping hot sizzle of the seventeen finalists across nineteen categories featured in our first MegaJam Sizzle Reel! 

Congratulations to all this year’s winners, and thank you to all participants. See you for the next #UnrealJam!

If you were not already aware, this year we started a new type of community contest: Unreal Challenges. Find out about our previous challenges: Better Light Than Never and Creep It Real.

Keep your eyes peeled for the landing page in 2023 with details on what is next.

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