ELX | Image courtesy of Adrian Carmona

Presenting the winners of the 2021 Epic MegaJam!

With 504 submissions and over 3,000 participants, the 2021 Epic MegaJam was nothing if not jam-packed with talent. 

So what happened during our largest jam to date?

Developers brought their A-game, turning an ambiguous theme—Running Out of Space—into a collection of games that all had a different take on what “space” actually means. Is it about land management (Kramped Kingdoms), shrinking rooms (Claustrophobia), or the preferences of cats (IF I FITS I SITS)? Just seeing what people did with it was half the fun. And we had the best time!
Animal Control December ArchersMany Spheres Inc AtsMobilePolice Alaabale
(Left) Animal Control - December Archers | (Center) Many Spheres inc - Ats | (Right) MobilePolice - Alaabale
Duone Gamedev Jail 315x250Bomb O Mastoras KiwinautsSpace Is Life GamedevBulls
(Left) Duone - Gamedev jail | (Center) Bomb-O-Mastoras - Kiwinauts | (Right) Space is Life! - GamedevBulls
Fading Away Butterfly PerkBig Delivery OrganicLadsSkyland Architect IAmEric
(Left) Fading Away - Butterfly Perk | (Center) Big Delivery - OrganicLads | (Right) Skyland Architect - IAmEric
Thank you to everyone that participated. It’s not easy to create a game in seven days. That’ll put anyone’s endurance to the test, but you all succeeded, and showed how tight this community can be!

We also want to shout out our sponsors: Intel, NVIDIA, FalconNW, KitBash3D, Reallusion, BOOM Library, WeLoveIndies, SideFX, GameTextures.com, IGDA, Assembla, Code Respawn, MAWI, Ascent Combat Framework, and Divivor. Thanks for supporting the community and helping us continue a tradition we all love.
Fizelis Break Down Seretis ProjectFlopy EosFlame Within Ice AbderrahmaneDYAR
(Left) Fizelis Break Down - Seretis Project | (Center) Flopy - Eos | (Right) Flame Within Ice - AbderrahmaneDYAR
Gob Gamma Girl 315x250CyberBow Necropole Rise Of FallenContinuum Shift Trismegistus
(Left) Gob - Gamma Girl | (Center) CyberBow - Necropole Rise of Fallen | (Right) Continuum Shift - Trismegistus
Mino Bloom 315x250Galaxy Industries Narcoleptic NoodlesELX Adrian Carmona 315x250
(Left) Mino - Bloom | (Center) Galaxy Industries - Narcoleptic Noodles | (Right) ELX - Adrian Carmona

But enough preamble—we know why you’re here. You want to see who won!

So without further ado, here are the winners of this year’s Epic MegaJam!

First Place: BotiBoi | Purple Team

Second Place: Seekers | Microwasp

Third Place: The Rat Way Home | Flying Bear

And to present the winners of the Special Modifier categories… 

Army of One: Container City | Perfoon

Nvisionary Environments: BotiBoi | Purple Team

The KitBasher: Seekers | Microwasp

Conductor: Timbre | Garbage Collective

Puppeteer: RECLAYM THE KINGDOM | Work Hard, Clay Hard

IS THIS REAL LIFE?: Hoarder’s Cloud | What a Team

PROCEDURAL MAGICIANS: Mr PRD (Programmable Robot of Doom) | Moonwalk Games

TINY AWARD: Seekers | Microwasp

Check out the full coverage of the 2021 Epic MegaJam Results livestream here: https://youtu.be/MBMIsG8RVeM

Congratulations to all this year’s winners! And thank you to all participants. See you for the next #UnrealJam!

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