Unreal Engine on the OUYA

By The OUYA Team

We here at OUYA are thrilled to announce we now have support for UE4 on the OUYA console!

The fork (via GitHub, info below) of the Unreal Editor has built-in support for the OUYA SDK from Blueprints making OUYA Everywhere and OUYA In-App-Purchases available to coders and non-coders. The fork has documented examples for virtual controllers, in-app-purchases, and modifies the “Tappy Chicken” example project to work with controllers on the OUYA.

Stay tuned for the next feature, Community Content, which empowers users to add content for apps and games on the OUYA. If you have any questions be sure to join in the OUYA Office Hours weekly hangout to participate in the Q&A session, check out the UE4 documentation, and show your progress on the forums. You will need a current Unreal Engine subscription and link your Unreal account with GitHub username to obtain access to the OUYA Fork of the Unreal Engine.

As always, you can give us feedback at @playouya, or by emailing us at officehours@ouya.tv.

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