October 6, 2016

Oculus to Cover Royalty Fees for Unreal Engine Developers

By Daniel Kayser

During Oculus Connect 3 in San Jose, CA, Oculus announced that, starting today, Oculus will cover royalty fees for all Unreal Engine titles shipping on the Oculus Store for up to the first $5 million of gross revenue per game.

Remember, Epic makes the Unreal Engine available to all developers to use for free, with a 5% royalty due on gross revenue from the resulting games. Now, Oculus’ generous arrangement makes the Unreal Engine and Oculus Store even more attractive for VR developers!

Nate Mitchell, VP of Oculus, notes: “We've been close partners with Epic since the very beginning, and we've used Unreal Engine for countless projects including Toybox, Dreamdeck, Farlands, Lost, Henry, and the upcoming Dear Angelica from Story Studio.”

Unreal Engine 4 is widely used by everyone from indie developers to the world’s top triple-A studios. It includes state-of-the-art support for visual scripting scalable to building complete games, and includes complete C++ source code via GitHub. Everyone can use it for free, and custom license terms are available as well. 

Download Unreal now and get started!