Advanced Photo Mode | Image courtesy of AleeZL

October Marketplace sale: over 1,000 assets—now 50% off

Unreal Engine Marketplace Team
This month, we've got over 1,000 Marketplace assets on sale for up to 50% off, so there’s bound to be something that piques your interest. 

Instead of trying to distill all that down into a single post, we wanted to run through a few assets that jumped out at us.

This sale has systems, props, characters, environments, effects, sounds, music, Blueprints, and more, so start exploring today. You might discover the perfect fit for your next project. 

Cyberpunk Hacker Room

Body Image Marketplace Oct 2021 CyberpunkRoom 1
Kitbash an apartment fit for a master of mischief.

Advanced Photo Mode

Body Image Marketplace Oct 2021 PhotoMode 1
Capture the best moments of your game without having to build the system to do it.

Fallen Samurai

Body Image Marketplace Oct 2021 FallenSamurai 1
Would you mess with this guy? Neither would we.

Concrete Debris VFX Pack

Body Image Marketplace Oct 2021 ConcreteDebris 1
What says destruction like concrete falling from the sky? Build it in quickly with this.

Hand Tracking Plugin

Body Image Marketplace Oct 2021 HandTracking 1
Easily integrate grabbing, teleporting, laser pointers, and more into your Oculus Quest experience.

Modular Subway Tunnels

Body Image Marketplace Oct 2021 Subway 1
Build moments underground with these five-star set pieces.

Trap System in Blueprints

Body Image Marketplace Oct 2021 TrapSystem 1
Don’t just let the hero waltz into your castle! Set some traps!

Hydraulic robot

Body Image Marketplace Oct 2021 Robot 1
Are they friend or foe? It depends on what story you’re telling.

That’s it for now, and as always, remember to act quickly. The discounts end on October 24 at 11:59 EDT.

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